Excitement – what excitement?

There isn’t a lot happening down this end of the world I’m afraid. I have had a couple of very disturbed nights sleep – the consequences of doing too much knitting. When I over do the knitting bit my arms ache and hands go numb and sleeping in the wrong position can become quite painful and leads to lots of tossing and turning. So I have packed the wool away – Elise’s scarf is finished and I won’t pull more wool out again until Easter – when I can only knit in short bursts between cutting wood and cooking meals. Actually when I emptied the picnic basket that holds all my wool there was a lot there. Far more than I thought I had, now just to decide what to do with it all. It was a good thing I had checked – I was having urges to go wool shopping again since the cheap shop has more in – but now I won’t. The theory being I’m using up what I have not acquiring more…..

As a result of not lots of sleep I have been feeling quite down and the chilly weather we have been experiencing hasn’t helped. Finally yesterday, after struggling to get though the housework, I settled down in front of the TV with a DVD I have wanted to watch for ages, fan heater blowing on my feet and the obliging cat (for once) who decided my feet were a good pillow and watched TV and stitched. A little more has been done on the block I am doing. Last night, in a fit of enthusiasm I dyed some silk ribbon and threads so I can go on with the next idea. Just had to wait until this morning to see if they dyes came out the colours I wanted – bit hard to tell at night I have discovered..lol. Miracles happen – the threads are exactly the right colours!! Now just to find time to do some more.

No gardening happening. I should be out there doing something. After the coolness of yesterday today is quite warm – supposedly 28 degrees, but I haven’t had time to scratch myself. In to help with James’s class this morning, came home to grab a couple of things, then down the street with Ashley in tow as he had knocked off early for lunch. I should know by now not to take him shopping. Considering I only had one thing to buy, we ended up with several bags of bits and peices that he assures me were desperatley needed. So long as he doesn’t eat the whole bag of lollies that we bought and saves some for me I might forgive him. This afternoon has been partially spent on the phone reorganising our mortgage. On one hand the banks don’t want you in the branches, but on the other they don’t tell you everything you need to know in a letter (even common things that you would think should be stated) and then say you should have gone into your branch to sort this out. Arrrrrrrr Anyway it is sorted – I hope. Now just to wait for the letter to arrive, sign it, send it back and everything should fall into place. The girl got a bit miffed when I asked how much all this was going to cost. They charge for everything else, why not this as well.

The children are looking forward to Easter. We are camping as always and cutting wood, although this year might be colder than the last few. I’m sure Elise is really blond. She said the other night that she might sleep in the camper trailer with us, instead of her tent as the camper trailer would be warmer. Totally lost, I had to ask why would it be warmer – her reply was that we would have the heater going. Ashley nearly fell of his seat laughing. There is no electricity out there, we are in the bush/scrub. The look on Elise’s face was priceless when Ashley asked which tree would she like to plug the heater into.

I hope your week has been a good one. While I haven’t felt like blogging myself, it is wonderful to read how everyone else going. Hugs to all.


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