The Great Circle Quilt

I have had the over whelming desire of late to finish some UFO’s that have been sitting around my sewing room since time began. This desire might have something to do with the fact that it is decidedly chilly, especially at night, we have no wood and the little fan heater is struggling to keep me warm of an evening. So the thought of snuggling under a quilt while I sew on the binding has plenty to recommend

Now this desire happens so rarely, in fact blue moons probably come around more often, that I feel it only right to go with the flow and get on with the work.

So here you have it, a photo – proof if you will, that I have been busy yesterday and another UFO is now destined to be used for its intended purpose.

This is The Great Circle Quilt
The Great Circle Quilt
I made the top a couple of years ago and quilted it about 12 months ago.

The Quilt Police would have a fit with the fabrics and batting I used in this quilt. It was a trial quilt – just to see if the pattern really did work and how hard it would be. Actually in the end, despite all those curves, it did go together rather well, and it does look like circles as the name suggests – funny about that…vbg. I think only the background fabric was pure cotton in the end. The rest came out of the huge stash I have hiding under the Gammill which are left overs from my dressmaking days. Most are poly cottons – I think. The batting is an old pure wool blanket I had which was developing holes around the edges – the middle section was fine so the quilt was made to fit that part.

Not was the purists would use that’s for sure, but I must admit a large sense of satisfaction in having made a lovely functional quilt with what I already had. I confess that while I understand that some only use top quality cottons and battings, I’m not like that. I am definately not what you would call a fabric snob. I have had some women say to me the only good fabrics for a quilt to buy are those priced from $20 upwards. That stuff that comes from Spotlight is only cheap and won’t last. Well I have to confess that most of my fabric comes from Spotlight, not to mention the op shops and my Mum’s stash and I have never had a problem with it lasting. I have had quite a few quilts wear out from use, which is what I intended them for anyway. Now I know some will offer the arguement that if I had used more expensive cottons those quilts would have lasted but there is no guarantee that that would be the outcome. I would much rather make a quilt and see the kids roll themselves up in it to lie on the floor to watch TV, see the dog (yes I can hear some of you shuddering) curl up next to them also snuggling into the quilt and than make one, from what I would consider really expensive fabric, which will hang on a wall until it falls apart. I do have some of those quilts, still made from “cheap” cottons, but they are small ones, wall hangings and that is their intended purpose.

But enough of the lecture – which wasn’t what I had in mind for this post. Instead enjoy the quilt and your weekend. I hope it’s a good one.

PS Frantic Fridays recipe was posted on Friday. I thought I would be clever earlier in the week and saved it as a draft with the intention of publishing it on Friday, thinking it would show up under Friday’s date. Not so, it published as a Tuesday Post and I still can’t work out how to change the date.


8 thoughts on “The Great Circle Quilt

  1. Look out look out!!
    There may be quilt police about!
    Onya C for doing what quilting is really about…making useful items from what we have to hand.
    It looks good,and if it serves the purpose for which it was intended!!
    At least you’ve completed it!
    And is Easter being spent gathering wood for the fires?

  2. Nice quilt. πŸ™‚

    To change date and time (you can even do it to that one now)

    When uo have the post up in the edit mode, under the main box, in the border, you will see something like “post and comment options”. Click on that and you find where you can change the date and time.

    When I do posts ahead, I usually put at the top a heap of asterisks reminding me to change the date and time. πŸ™‚

  3. Yes Maureen Easter is wood gathering time – although if the weather stays cool like it is – I might spend more time huddled in blankets near the fire…lol.

    Chloe – you are amazing. Thanks for the tip on changing the date.

    Note to everyone – Now Frantic Friday’s recipe is now published on the right day, instead of when I created the post…lol.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful.

    Your quilt reminds me of so many of the ones at the National Quilt Register. I love to browse through the site and hear about the battings that were made from wool blankets and old clothing. And it’s so wonderful that you have all those wonderful stash fabrics to draw from.

    And don’t worry about the Quilt Police. I think they were busy trying to chase me the last week or so. LOL.

    And I love your name. πŸ™‚


  5. Aren’t you just a clever girl! That quilt is amazing.. and you finished it!! I am jealous.. your UFO pile is now probably shorter than mine lol You know what this means don’t you?? I have to take my sewing with me on holiday! Thank you lol Hugs xox

  6. I love your quilt and after all the pioneer woman didnt have fabric shops…lol The whole idea is to make from scraps. Great Work !

  7. purists, smurists ! look back at all the antique utility quilts that were made during the wagon trails of America, when women made quilts to keep warm out of fabrics on hand. You have created utility quilt !!!! well done

  8. Your quilt is stunning, look at them circles. The more I looked, the more my eyes went loopy, trying to focus on the circles … LOL Loved your last recipe, will try and self saucing pudding too … yummo! I’ll write soon, flat chat at moment ….

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