I need more time

I need more time. Really. I need more time. Another 24 hours in each day. I would put up with an extra 12 hours, but 24 would be heaps better. If anyone can send me the link or snail mail addy for adding time to a persons day I would appreciate it…lol.

I have literally been running around like a chook with its head cut off the last two days.

Today I was in James’ classroom as a helper for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun, but incredibly frustrating as well. You don’t realise how easy it is to write – just write. To know the alphabet, how to form the letters, how to create sentences, to write things that are grammatically correct and even on occasion spell things correctly. These kids are doing so well considering they haven’t been at school all that long, and by the look of some of their work, never had any help at home prior to starting school, but it was frustrating. Still I will be back next week. It is also very rewarding to see the “light bulb” moment when a child I was helping realised that he/she could spell that word or write that sentence.

Down the street after that to return and get a refund on some tops I had bought Elise. You would think that for a major department store the staff would know how to do it, but no not the lady I got today. In the end she gave me a credit note as I had mentioned I wanted to buy another top. I had to take it to the checkout and they would refund the balance of money owing to me. Next time I will just ask for my money back and not breath a word about wanting to purchase something else. I hate shopping and having to return clothes (fortuantely this store doesn’t mind) but it isn’t always easy for Elise to get down the street with me to try things on, espcially when the sale only lasts a couple of days and it doesn’t extend over the weekend. It just isn’t worth dragging Nicola and James along on the clothes expeditions – they are bored within five minutes, want everything and annoy the heck out of me.

As it was I had to go back down the street again this afternoon. We were nearly home, about 10 houses away from our house when Elise happened to mention her folder had broken and could we possibly go and get another one. What she couldn’t remember to mention this when we were at that end of town!! Still job done home to throw a roast in the oven (hopefully it will be cooked in time as it seemed to still be a bit frozen) make some biscuits, two puddings (recipe for one on Friday), do dishes, supervise homework and clean kitchen and it isn’t even 5.30 pm yet.

I haven’t even looked in the sewing room for a few days (which could be a good thing considering how much junk is in there at the moment), knitting is a distant memory and the garden doesn’t bare thinking about. So I repeat – if anyone knows how to add time to your day – pleeeaaaaaaase let me know.

Tomorrow I am hibernating. I will take the phone off the hook if necessary, lock the doors, turn the music up and so sometimg – anything to get organised.

I hope your day is a good one.


5 thoughts on “I need more time

  1. It’s frustrating isn’t it – when life gets in the way of crafting I mean? LOL
    I seem to be having a week when I have to be out of the house all the time, so consequently nothing gets done. I’m looking forward to next week – not planning to leave the house at all! But I’m sure the kids being on holidays will change all that…

  2. oh boy – I need more time too. I think we just try to fill our days with way too much stuff. Much like we fill our homes. sometimes we need to declutter our timetables so that we can have time to just be.
    If you happen to find a website where we can have more hours in our day, let me know. oops no, forget that – I need to declutter my timetable. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness girl… follow these instructions to the letter and I promise that time will stand still for you for as long as you permit…. are you ready?

    Get a stool and position it underneath your wall clock. Gently take out the batteries and put them into your pocket. When you feel like you have caught up with your chores, put the batteries back into the clock. There now, told you so….lol

    Hugs xoxox

  4. Love it Nicole, thank you. Will try it soon – I promise..lol.

    Ahh Ms Robyn I have tried decluttering the timetable, but more stuff piles up while I am doing it.

    As for the crafting, I’m sneaking time when I can.

  5. You are busy! I don’t know how you cope, but well done! The helping in school thing sounds great too, I think it makes such a difference to have one-on-one help with the important things like reading, writing, maths etc.

    Don’t work to hard!

    Oh, and re your comment, did you mean the stuff near the compost bins at the back of the top photo (if so, that’s the purple sprouting broccoli)? Or the bright green stuff near the green fence? They’re foxgloves and the silvery stuff in the top photo, nearest the path, is the lavender, 3 plants (although only 2 can be seen in the photo) will hopefully create a lovely wall of bees, colour and scent (and a ready supply for my bathing/burning/eating/sugar-flavouring needs)! Let me know if it’s something else! 🙂

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