I’m Exhausted

It has been a really busy three days and I’m exhausted.

Elise and I went to Murrabit market on Saturday to get some seedlings for the vegie garden. We had a lovely morning wandering around, but it got colder as the morning progressed and by the end of it couldn’t feel our fingers. I bought cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, red onions, silverbeet, pak choy, peas and lettuce seedlings and one punnet of pansies. The only down side was finding the bucket of chips that Elise had bought for me, had sugar on them instead of salt. Elise hadn’t noticed when she bought them what the lady had poured onto them. Not a taste senstation I care to repeat anytime soon. Came home to find lunch was heating in the oven (isn’t Ashley organised) and spent the afternoon planting out vegies and mowing half the lawns plus did several loads of laundry.

Sunday we woke late. Well we thought we did. Daylight savings had ended and what we thought was late, wasn’t really. Never mind the thought that we had had a lie in was enough. Finished the lawns and cleaned and swept out the pergola. Washed my succulents (they were so dusty) and watered everything well. It looks so much tidier now. Ashley spent the day working on his new race car which needs to be built – literally – from the ground up. If some of the language coming from the shed at times was any indication, not everything was going smoothly. The kids just played around and didn’t do a lot of anything.

Today I whipped through the housework then down the street to pick up some winter school clothes for Elise and James. Ran into a friend while I was out and we stood in a shop and chatted for quite some time. Ahhhh the benefits of being a stay at home mum with all the kiddies at school. You can stop and have a good chat without the “I’m bored” and “Let’s get going Mum” and “Why are you cross at me, I didn’t mean to pull everything off that shelf” …lol.

Home again to whip up lunch then down to a friends garage to see if my sigma had the road worthy done on it as we have sold it. We bought it a couple of years ago as the Range Rover was playing up on me all the time, now the rangie has a new engine we don’t need the sigma so it has to go.

This afternoon I have read emails and blogs and not done much else. I knitted for hours last night trying to work out how to make these knitted socks. Shall we just say that knitted socks and I WILL NOT have a close working relationship. I shall admire them then whip into Best and Less and buy some really jazzy ones for $2.99 a pair and wear them with pride…lol. I did buy some more wool today though – two different lots, both in blue, to make Elise scarves to wear to school when it turns really chilly. I have (she mentions with pride) managed to knit a very simple slipper pattern. Just have to make one more, so both feet are warm, then I will reveal them to you. They aren’t fancy, but considering they are a step up from a scarf, I’m feeling very pleased with myself.

I hope your day has been productive and not as rushed as mine.


One thought on “I’m Exhausted

  1. How nice to read that you are knitting. I’ve been knitting on a dishcloth and its on the binding off part. I have been struggling with a pair of little socks but had to lay it aside for other things. Time to get back to them and hope it goes better this time around…smile.

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