Hats and Socks

I’m sorry but I’m beggining to wish that hats were the rage again. Remember those days – well some of you will (I’m going on photos of my mother at this stage) when a woman wasn’t well dressed or even dressed to go down the street or out in public unless she had a hat on? I’m beginning to wish those days where here again.

I’m having a bad hair day. A really Bad Hair Day. It isn’t helping that I am trying to grow my hair long and it is at that awkward stage where it isn’t sure what it is going to do. Normally there are plenty of natural curls (no perms for this gal – been there done that) but today even they have deserted me. I had to whip down the street this afternoon on another stash enchancement exercise – and my hair wouldn’t co-operate. Not even a little bit. Fortuantely it is fairly windy here today so I blamed the “mop”, at least mentally, on the wind.

A hat would have solved all my problems. Is that why they were the fashion all those years ago? Bad Hair Day – whack on a hat. Colour gone wrong – pull on a hat. Perm not quite as good as it should be – put on a hat. They must have solved all sorts of problems. Sure you had “hat hair” when you got home, but who cared about hat – you were in the privacy of your own home where, hopefully, no one could see you.

I do wear a hat when I’m gardening. An old one of Ashley’s. Well at one stage it was a good one – but then I washed it and it shrunk, so now it is my gardening hat. It is the one you see in my blog photo – still going strong after all these years….lol. I just don’t think it would be entirely suitable for nipping down the street.

I must take a moment to say thank you for all the lovely emails I have received regarding Elise and her problems at school. Your support is very much appreciated and I have passed your thoughts onto Elise and she says Thank You also. Friday was a better day – Miss Bitch (no I’m not being nice I know) was away and the whole class settled down and got on with what they had to do with no nastiness. Apparently others have also complained about the way this girl is behaving in class as well. Time will tell if it gets sorted out. Rest assured though – I will be seeing the principal at the end of the year and making sure that Elise is in a class with her friends or at the very least not in a class with this girl.

And now onto socks. You know I’m not a good knitter – scarves are about my limit, but I confess I have been secretly envious of those who are whipping up socks and mittens like there’s no tomorrow. So I have been googling the web to see if I could find an easy pattern for socks. Something so easy that even I could make them.

I found this pattern which I think is easy enough, but I am going to do some more research before I get carried away. There are hundreds of sock patterns out there – I honestly had no idea that knitting socks was so popular. I remember my Grandmother knitting them, but haven’t seen anyone else. So that was my stash enhancement exercise. I wasn’t going to buy anything. I was going to use all that I have stashed away, but there was next to no wool and I saw some really pretty green in the cheap shop yesterday and just had to have it. Well you know what it’s like…blushing just a bit..lol.

So now I’m off to do some more research and see what I come up with. If anyone does know of a really easy pattern for socks – please share.


4 thoughts on “Hats and Socks

  1. Sorry, I’m so not a knitter – I have a scarf I have been knitting for a year now! Must get it finished *grin*

    I agree with you about the hat thing though – I love hats! Maybe we could start a movement and make them a must-have accessory again…

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

  2. I am sadly not a knitter either… I can ‘do’ scarves – but how many can one person justify as needing… And I always start off with the best of intentions…

  3. Your piece about the hats reminded me of old movies where the husband used to tell his wife to go out and buy a new hat to cheer herself up. How times have changed. Now we go out and buy craft supplies to cheer ourselves up !!!

  4. I wear hats all the time!! Just because it is not “the fashion” doesn’t mean that hats are not available nor that you can’t wear them. Just Do It!

    As for socks, the only thing I knit are socks. I find the small needles more comfortable to work with. I use Addi Turbo circular needles and a the Magic Loop technique (one set of needles only). Wish I could convince myself to do a pair at one time.

    Socks are I think the most popular thing to be knitting now. There are tons of bloggroups dealing only with socks. Which atleast means if you get stuck, there should be lots of help out there.

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