Excuse me while I boast a little…..

I just have to boast a little about Elise’s recent test results, so forgive me while my chest swells with pride for just a bit.

Elise had a science test recently – she came home with the results last night. A+ I am so proud of her. She was really worried that she had failed the test as she had a mental blank right in the middle of it and just wrote down what ever popped into her head. Apparently the test was on the names of the equipment they use in science. Well if a mental blank creates that result I hope she has many more of them…lol.

There was also the news that possibly the childrens book she had written may be published. Apparently only Elise and L. (a boy who she was friendly with last year and was in her class) are the only two students out of the whole of her form who have actually finished the children’s book they had to write and so are both now being considered as possibly ending up as published stories. Story is written, pictures drawn and the teacher is impressed. There is some sort of process that has to be gone though – signatures collected from other staff members and some sort of assessment, then if all goes well the book are to be sent to the publishers. Not sure if all this will work out, but at least the kids are being considered which is wonderful.

Plus she received an A for her woodwork assignment – making a Tic Tac Toe board – which is really rather good. Now she thinks she might make some more for Christmas presents. Hmmm might have to fight her father for use of his electric tools etc…lol.

On the social front Elise is still struggling. Why people, especially teenage girls, have to be so petty and mean is beyond me. Elise doesn’t even know what she has done to upset them. As she says – probably just being alive is enough ammunition for them. It’s not that they say anything to her, they just ignore her – totally. If she sits down near any of them in class there is the general get up and move down a few more places so no one has to sit near her. Honestly I can seriously see myself going up to the school and wacking some kids heads together. I know exactly what she is going though – I went through it too. I think the fact they do ignore her and don’t include her in their chat means she is getting more work done in class and therefore better grades. Not that she is boasting about the grades. They don’t ask her, but make a point of asking everyone else. I guess if we wanted revenge hearing that the main instiagator of this “we don’t like Elise campaign” only got a C in the recent science test is comforting.

The school camp is four days at the snow this year. Elise was so looking forward to it, but now thinks she won’t go. Apparently there are three forms sent at a time and her worry is that if she ends up with forms that none of her friends are in then no one will want her in their rooms to sleep and she will be alone through the day as well. We have told her it is her decision and she has until the 19th of April to make up her mind as that is when the non refundable depost of $50 is to be paid. I don’t want to spend $200 for a camp if she is going to be miserable the whole time. We have said that if she doesn’t go then she can stay home that week of camp and perhaps we can go to the snow as a family. If anyone knows of anywhere to stay or places we should consider visiting please email me. Ashley has never seen the snow and it is sooooooo long since I have been there (think I was younger than Nicola when my family went) that all information would be appreciated.

Despite all this bitchiness, Elise is basically happy at school. She does have friends that she sits with at lunchtimes – it’s just a pity they aren’t in her class. She is thriving on the challenging workload and always has a funny story to tell at the end of the day. If this situation is still ongoing at the end of the year I’m going to the principal and asking for her to be put into a different form with some of her friends. I think they will mix up the classes anyway – but I’m going to be sure. The teachers are aware of the problem, but there just doesn’t seem to be much they can do short of ordering the petty ones to be nicer to her – which will only inflame the situation. Elise doens’t want to be moved into a different form as she says it will make life even harder. Better to stick it out with the nasty ones you know, than with those you don’t.

I know my daughter is strong and she will survive this, but I can’t help worrying about her. All I can say to her is that I understand and I sympathise and that I’m here if she needs me. I have been there and done all this while I was at school and I don’t think this kind of behaviour has changed much. I tell her that the hardest thing she will ever do in life is be true to herself. To keep her morals and her standards to what she beleives in, is the most important thing. To never, ever go down to their level, because then she will be no better than those petty girls. I guess in the end, what goes around comes around.

Please keep Elise in your prayers.


2 thoughts on “Excuse me while I boast a little…..

  1. It’s always the girls that are the nasty ones – you don’t seem to see this sort of behaviour from boys.
    My girls have been very fortunate, but we live in a smallish place and they know pretty much everyone.

    Congratulations on the grades though! Fantastic work πŸ™‚ And it shows that hard work pays off πŸ™‚

    Big hugs to Elise xxx

  2. What a shame…that the girls at school are so rude and snobby. I’m on your girl’s side and will pray for her. What a sweetheart you have there…and good for her making an A+!! How exciting that the childrens book she has written may be published, thats a wonderful accomplishment!

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