Not much progress

I haven’t done any more on my block either last night or today. Jo suggested that I bring out that burnt orange colour in the middle of the block for the embellishments etc that it needs. Honestly the girl is brilliant. I had come to a bit of a dead end and didn’t know what colours to put on it, but the orangey (is that a word) bits and peices work brilliantly. So at midnight (well I had been busy doing other things) I started pulling out buttons and beads and found heaps. They were all ready there in my stash, I was just looking over them for other things.

We didn’t get any of the rain that had been forcast. Not even two drops on the cars windscreen. It looked soooooo promising first thing yesterday morning but not even the washing on the line tempted it. Today it is hot and even a bit muggy.

I helped in James’ class this morning for a little while with their literacy and really enjoyed it. Haven’t ever been able to do much when the girls were at school as I had to drag James along too. He would have enjoyed it, but I felt it wasn’t fair to the other students to have him distract them. Now he is the student and I get to help. I think I was more nervous of meeting a class full of Preps than I was going on Elise’s Grade 6 camp.

Spent the rest of the morning down the street pottering, but not really buying anything – which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Home again to find Ashley had not only stacked the dishwasher, but cleaned the kitchen and the dining table and was cooking lunch. Ohhhh I love my hubby.

Off now to quilt some more bags. Will post photos if they work. I hope they do, I have cut out three or is it four bags already. The consist on an inner and outer bag joined together by buttons. The outer bag is quilted (which I am doing on the gammill – so much easier and quicker than fiddling around on the sewing machine) then sewn up as a whole unit and attached to the inner bag. Complicated I know – imagine what it is like for me. This is the bag pattern I copied from my sil book last time we were at her house, and all I have are my notes. Which seemed ok at the time, now I’m not so sure.

Right off to acheive something. Have a wonderful day.


2 thoughts on “Not much progress

  1. You’re game picking embellishments at midnight. I am colour blind on a good day,completely colour blind under artificial light (not usual colour blindness either,a rare, hereditary type – I’m so special). I pick everything out before dark, put it in a baggie for the evening embellishing. My mother and I in a fabric shop picking out greens and blues is just a joke.
    So you see, what you consider to be enlightened and daring colour combinations, is really just me hoping it will look alright in the morning! LOL

  2. You have a gammell???? I am soooo jealous! Maybe I should send my quilts to you LOL It’s so hard on a sewing machine – little things are fine but anything bigger than a bag is very frustrating!

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