The Quiet Life

It is very peaceful around my house today. The children were all up and organised in plenty of time and are all back at school again for this very long term we are going to have, courtesy of the Commonwealth Games.

The sky is very overcast and cloudy and it is only supposed to reach 25 degrees today so hopefully we will get rain. The weathermen have been forecasting rain, but just to tempt it further I put my washing out on the line…vbg.

Now for a gardening note. Yes this is Calidore’s Garden Ramblings today (well for this post anyway) not Calidore’s waffling on until we are so so unbeliveably lost Ramblings, but a garden post.

I needed more box cuttings ready for the hedge I want to grow so wandered out to take those and down to the potting shed. Cuttings planted and watered then I spent about an hour cleaning up and pruning lots of bits and peices in the shade house. My roses are powering along and the japanese maples (self sown seedlings from a friend) are growing nicely. I can see them all along the stream/channel growing amongst the rocks I want to put there.

Ohh by the way, the steam is now on hold again for a while (have I already mentioned that I wonder). We need to do some more bits and peices before we start it and I am questioning whether I really want any more garden to take care of. I guess in the end I won’t be able to help myself and I am mentally planting it all ready…lol.

Yesterday Ashley and I and the children (reluctantly) cleaned up about half of the vegie garden. If you weren’t scared by the photos I posted a while ago you would have been yesterday. Honestly the amount of weeds that were in there was unbeleivable. Ajax, of course, dived into the nearest patch and disappeared. If he hadn’t barked after a while I would have seriously thought he had been swallowed by lions or tigers or whatever else was lurking in there.

The pumpkins are growing prolifically. We counted nearly a dozen and they are only the ones we could see. Another watermelon was ripe and picked. James carried it up to the house with great ceremony. There is another cantelope ripening slowly although the zucchini abd cucumberts are finished.

Considering how slow a start the capscium had they are bearing unbeleivably well. I put in a mixed punnet this year and am freezing heaps. Did you know that capscium, like zucchini, does not need any preperation before freezing it? Just wash, deseed and cut into strips or cubes, lay on a tray and freeze. When frozen put into icecream or tupperware containers. When you want some just throw it into your cooking frozen, the peices will soon defrost.

All but one tomatoe has been removed. They didn’t do as well as I had hoped, the ground seems to be far too wet, but we aren’t totally sure why. They are on drippers as is the rest of that bed, but that part is soggy. Will have to put in some compost and try and build it up a bit before we plant again.

The grapevine is pruned, stawberries are in the process of being uncovered and there is of course more weeding to be done.

So there you have it, I did garden. Tonight, unless it is bucketing down rain and I sincerly hope it does, we are going to attempt to clean up some more. Murrabit market is on in another week and I want to get some vegie seedlings and get them started.


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