Dare I Say It??????


Definately a cause for celebration I feel. It all sort of flowed today. In between washing, watering and weeding the enclosed garden and sewing I had one of those days where everything just worked. Well all except what we are having for tea, cause I haven’t even thought that far ahead…lol. And it was all done guilt free which makes it even better.

Yes I gardened. Finally a mention of some gardening. Two barrow loads of weeds carted away, more pruning to be done, but there is a definate improvement on the mess that was there this morning. Just have to get Ashley to prune the box hedge that is there (he does it so much better than me – and he made the mistake of saying today he enjoys pruning) and it is finished. Honestly this blog started because I wanted to motivate myself more inthe garden and instead it has covered every topic from family to homework and lesson blocks and very little on the subject of gardening.

I know you are probably all sick to death of hearing about these lessons, but I promise the block is finished – well unless I find something else to do on it, but that I doubt very much. Sharon did say in her last lesson that you have a gut instinct when you have done enough and my guts (sorry) are saying very loudly – enough!!!

Opps supose I should post a photo just to prove it is done……………………
Lesson Block 5
Taaaaa Daaaa……………………………….

The wee beasties were the best bits to do. I haven’t done dragon flies, butterflies or spiders for ages and they were so much fun. A reward if you will, for working so hard. Ashley did say the spider should have a red stripe down it’s back – but I thought that might be overkill. Can you see it by the way???

I know now why Sharon recommends doing all your seams first, then clusters of flowers etc then buttons last. It is surprising how heavy this block is and it is only 9 inches square. Now remember I don’t use a hoop. I can’t stand them. I have tried to use one numerous times, but the fabric doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t move the way I want it to and to be honest I think after so many years of not using one I know when I am pulling something too tight and when it is too loose. When all else fails I steam fabric back into shape with the iron.

I checked out my Yahoo profile on Southern Cross Crazies – which I joined when I first started Crazy Quilting just to see how long I had been hooked on cq. I had joined Feb 28, 2004. Now it just amazes me how much I have learnt in two short years. I look at some of my earlier work and just cringe, but I’m not about to throw it out – it is there as a daily reminder of how much I have improved, how much my confidence has grown and how much more there is for me to learn.

PS the spider is on the lurex peice in the middle – top right hand side corner. I’m going to make this peice into a wall hanging and hang it in our bedroom and I didn’t want to make the spider too prominant. Knowing my luck I would see it, think it was real and hit it with a book or something.


4 thoughts on “Dare I Say It??????

  1. Books are for reading . . . not whacking spiders off the wall Catherine! {g} Please take pity on such a pretty block! Nice to be back in the garden eh? I’m hoping to get outside some here today . . . ‘if’ . . . the weather is nice, which it looks like it may be. 🙂

  2. I did find the spider (before I finished reading your posting) but it would have been easier to find with Ashley’s suggested ‘red stripe’…lol

    You’ve certainly put a lot of work into that block and the more I look at it the more different aspects I see. Well done, Catherine.

  3. Congratulations!!! It looks great.
    Now,lets have a little contrast and compare. How does this block differ from your ususal work. What aspects did you find harder. Are you going to change anything about how you do all future CQ??
    You’ve probably done all this on the forum, but I’m not privvy to that, so, give.


  4. I agree with Dawn!(VBG)
    And besides spiders are very good for removing other annoying insects!
    BTW I like your fluuterby and dragginfly…………did you use organza ribbon?

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