Last Day of Lessons

It was the last time I logged on for Sharon B’s lessons today. A bit sad really. Despite the frustration I have experienced, it has been a wonderful class. The notes are so unbeliveably good (this weeks has soooooooo many wonderful ideas in it) that I could be stitching for years to try them all out.

The horrible seam that I have been battling with has had some ribbon and beads sewn over it, more stitching underneath and nothing, I repeat NOTHING is working, so it is definately coming out. It was my intention to spend time today ripping out stitches, but life and Elise making chocolate chip muffins (Flossy’s recipie) plus the washing got in the way.

Mum left to travel to Adelaide yesterday to stay the night with friends before catching The Ghan (train) to Alice Springs today. She is meeting my sister Yvonne in Alice Springs at lunch time tomorrow where they will stay the night before starting the eight, yes I did say eight, hour drive home to Brunchilly Station. I’m not a hundred percent sure how long Mum is staying with Yvonne this time. She probably told me, but in all the confusion I have forgotton. It is generally a 6 week visit and they both enjoy it. Yvonne’s girls can’t wait for Nan to arrive.

I have been feeling fairly down today, just tired I guess and it feels strange not having Mum pop down for a cuppa at regular times. Sort of throws you when one member of the family (even if she does live in a different house) isn’t there. Mum’s dog Sally bolts for the back door everytime she hears a car drive in. She knows Mum is away, but not sure for how long. Never mind Sally is thoroughly spoilt while she stays here. It is our revenge for Mum spoiling the kids when they stay with her…lol.

I did manage to get Elise’s school slacks hemmed ready for school on Monday. Yes the holidays are nearly over (yeah – ohh did I say that..vbg.) We have been so busy that time seems to have flown by. Monday will be the ususal frantic rush to get everyone organised and out the door on time.

Apart from that there isn’t much happening. I did manage to mow the lawns the other day. It is still far to hot to plant anything, especially when we will be doing the ususal camping/wood cutting thing over Easter and Mum won’t be there to water anything for me. The green thumbs are calling me though and once Easter is over I plan to spend quite a bit of time in the garden. There are lots of roses blooming in the shade house just waiting to be planted. Ashley tells me that the shade structure (still not sure of the shape or size of it) will be ready to pick up next holidays (it is a freebie from a friend who doesn’t want it anymore), which give us approx 12 weeks to get the steam/channel up and running – pardon the pun. Mum’s friend Maurie has sourced some local rocks for us – yes there are rocks in the Mallee – and we just have to arrange a time and date to pick them up. I can see it will be all hands to the shovel after Easter to get everything done.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


One thought on “Last Day of Lessons

  1. You do get used to having someone living close by. When we lived in a little town in Western Victoria, as soon as I got up each morning I would look out of the kitchen window to see if my neighbour’s wood stove was alight (smoke from the chimney). I still checked it even when I knew she was away for a few weeks.

    I hope your Mum has a lovely holiday. I’m sure Yvonne will enjoy having a few weeks with her to catch up on all the family news.

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