Lesson Block

Some slight progress. I am several days behind everyone else as I didn’t take this with me when we went away. Have visions of trying to choose buttons while bumping down some serious off road tracks and didn’t think it would be a good or successful combination.

I spent about an hour sorting out all my buttons (well the ones I could find) into containers in colour groupings. There were a lot more red and brown buttons than I thought I had and not as many white as perhaps there should have been. Still I will use up what is there before I begin another major stash enhancement exercise.

Lesson Block 4
At this stage the buttons are only laid on the fabric. If I ever get off the computer today I will start stitching them on. The embroidery along the top left seam (teal fabric) is coming out – today!!! I didn’t like the buttons I put along there, I can’t stand the flowers and the whole thing is wrong. I have some really pretty pink ric rac which will replace it along with a motif of some sort (haven’t figured out just what yet) to fill in the corner.


3 thoughts on “Lesson Block

  1. Hi Catherine …. I finally got some time to catch up with my blog reading! Gosh, there is always so much to ‘read’ on yours …. I almost feel part of the ‘family’ when I’m reading away! LOL I love your block, it’s so pretty! I’m afraid mine looks a mess, I think I overworked some areas and it sort of lost the ‘paths’ …. wonder if I can fix, I keep looking and flinching! hehehehe

  2. I don’t mind that seam, and I like they way you have used the buttons on it, But I also know what it is like when you really don’t like something. Why not try adding some herringbone over the top in a strong colour
    (crosses between each flower) . It may help to blend the colours in that seam.
    Tho by the time you read this it will probably already be done!

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