Description of Rain

Ohh sorry girls, never thought I should have a explanation of what rain is for those who haven’t had it for a while…lol.

Now let me see – Rain is generally that wet stuff that falls from the sky. No not when you are in the bathroom, that’s the shower, although with a good rain, you can get as wet as if you are showering. There are generally a lot of clouds around when it is raining, although there are some things called sun showers which is rain falling from a cloudless sky -that is there are no clouds in the sky. If you have truly forgotton what rain sounds like falling on a tin roof let me make this suggestion.

Find a metal bucket, failing that a large saucepan. Sit down outside, somewhere you don’t mind getting wet, and have your partner pour water over the bucket/saucepan from a watering can with a rose fitted to the end of it. That should give you some idea of how it sounds.

By the way my dictionary meaning of rain is as follows:
rain [rayn]n (plural rains)
1. water falling from clouds: water condensed from vapour in the atmosphere and falling in drops from clouds
2. period of wet weather: any storm, shower, or other quantity of water falling from the sky
3. rainy weather: weather marked by heavy or persistent rainfall
4. great number or flow: a great number of small individual things coming in a steady flow or anything else flowing or falling like rain

I trust this clears up the matter of what rain is….lol

As for cleaning well I am so organised that I helped Nicola peice together her first naked CQ block today. Nicola picked the fabrics (with only a little help – I’m sorry but hot pink and a deep purple just did not go) and then sewed all the fabric down, pressed it. She decided which peice of fabric would go where and on what angle. Actually after all Sharon’s lessons, it was easy/easier to explain to her how to sew the block together. She did really well and is looking forward to embroidering it. I think she must be a chip off the old block cause the first thing she wanted to do was start sewing buttons and beads on it…lol. Had to direct her attention towards the seams first. See – I do read my lesson notes (blushing just slightly here). Tomorrow she is going to start choosing threads. Might hide the buttons until next week.

As for a photo of my newly cleaned sewing room – sorry hadn’t even thought of taking one. Will remedy that soon. Somewhere in the next two days I have to pack the camper trailer, clean the house, wash and do some cooking and do some more work on my block. We are leaving for Halls Gap on Friday and won’t be home until the following Monday. Four days of what will hopefully be peace. Keep in mind this is the trip that we have invited Ashley’s sisters and husbands on to try and forge some links between us all. We still don’t know if they are going. Guess we will find out Saturday if they turn up. Keep us in your prayers please. I am really nervous about this trip – there has been a fair bit of tension between us all (remember I am the horrible one according to one of Ashley’s sisters) so I’m not real sure on how this trip will go.

On the shopping front Elise and I managed to buy her winter uniform (without any arguments), some sunglasses for me and some lipsticks (buy four and get the fifth free and they were only $3 each) and treated ourselves to a coffee down the street as well. A very relaxing morning that we both enjoyed.


3 thoughts on “Description of Rain

  1. Right now our rain is falling as painful icy-cold hail or as snow… Very pretty though (and talk about loud!) πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your trip, I’m sure it’ll go swimmingly. I can empathise with your situation, as the MIL-to-be doesn’t seem that struck on me (heh, which I don’t really mind because the feeling is mutual!).

  2. In-laws! I have problems with mine too – I think it is a universal thing. I’ll be thinking of you πŸ™‚ Although I can’t quite figure out why you are the horrible one!

    Great to hear that Nicole is following in your footsteps – will she allow us to see?

    Have a wonderful week and weekend, and thank you so much for the email, I will do as you suggested. Much appreciated πŸ™‚

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