Lesson Blcck Progress

Slowly but surely I am progressing on my lesson block. It seems to take all my energy to settle myself into the chair and start to sew, but once I do, look out anyone who dares to interupt me with complaints that they are hungry and want a meal…lol.

Lesson Block 3

I finished the silk ribbon flower cluster and I think it worked rather well (even if I do say so myself). I used a blue metallic wool to make spider web roses in this cluster. They are a bit lumpy, but in general I am happy with them.

The larger spray of flowers I am particularly pleased with. The roses are the ready made ones from one of the cheap shops in town. As they were already constructed, I just added a few stitches to hold them just in case they decided to unravel and sewed them down. The gathered flowers are varigated organza ribbon with a black bead for the centre. The pearl beads are natural pearls. I also overdyed some wool which I used for the fly stitch leaves. I haven’t used wool before in CQ and am finding it interesting to work with., certainly the crow bar type needle I have had to use with it is challenging…vbg. I still want to add some beads for sparkle – I think probably some clear ones so they catch they eye but don’t distract from the flowers.

Lesson four was on Braids, Laces and hankies and how you can incorporate them into your work keeping in mind the contrasts that you can create. I have to tell you it is fascinating and I am going to do some more on the black lace (top right hand corner) to “improve” it. Definatley some beads (as Sharon suggested) but I think also some more embroidery drawing the eye outwards.

Now off to read some blogs, emails then to hunt out some beads and see what I can come up with.


5 thoughts on “Lesson Blcck Progress

  1. Looking really good C – I am so far behind with mine… I really like the sprays of flowers… But I am off to a MEGA Spotlight store tomorrow in Bayswater so i am hopeful that I too shall have lots of bits to play with…

  2. This is looking FAN-TAS-TIQUE!!! I really mean that. I love your flower sprays. I am so glad you bought those roses. I was looking at the piccie upload thinking ‘no way did she make those!Tutorial NOW!’ LOL.The lightness of the organza flowers with the denseness of the roses really compliment each other.
    Can’t wait too see where you go next.

  3. Hi Catherine, I’m here finally! I had a wonderful read and learnt so much more about you … thanks for sharing yourself. Your block is damn gorgeous and the flowers are just stunning .. the block is coming to life in a big way and I can’t wait to see the rest of it’s progress. I owe you an email, will write ASAP – been sick, then went away for a fishing trip.
    Hugs ‘me’

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