Sorry, absolutely nothing happening around here at…

Sorry, absolutely nothing happening around here at all.

I gardened Tuesday – cleaned up the lounge room bed – and ended up with the worst headache and sinus/hayfever I have had for ages. Well since a couple of months ago. The end result was very disturbed nights and an incredibly grumpy Mummy each day. 😦

Wednesday was Nicola and James’ parent/teacher interviews. Wonderful reports, fabulous children, polite, well mannered, hard workers – at one stage I had to ask were they talking about MY children…lol, but they were. I love it when an interview goes that well.

Wednesday night I decided to cook a pork roast on the spit – which worked wonderfully well – meat tender and succulent. Unfortunately I didn’t get the roast vegies done to go with it. Instead we put up with left over scalloped potatoes and fried rice. Yeah I know, we have strange combinations at times. Made gravy, pulled it out of the microwave to stir it and dropped the jug!!! Gravy all over the floor, up both sides of kitchen cupboards (which just have to be white), across one bench, up the wall… and wait for it…………….. onto the ceiling. Guess who stood in the kitchen and cried!! Cleaned up most of the mess and asked Ashley to clean the wall and ceiling. By that time, if I had tried, I would have fallen and probably broken my neck. It was, possibly, a fitting end to a day that started well and ended up really crappy. By the way the jug was plastic so at least I didn’t have glass or china to clean up as well.

Thursday shopping and home to find a lovely parcel of goodies from a dear friend which has fired my imagination and now I am wondering what can be done with all of this unexpected treasure. Wonderful. Even work on my block is progressing nicely. Just have to stitch on some beads and I will be ready to post another photo of work in progress.

Last week I went to a Pancake Luncheon with Mum and thought we should have an outing once a week – just the two of us. Today Mum wanted to do some jobs down the street and buy some cheap paperbacks to read on the train when she goes up to Yvonne’s (sister’s) in a couple of weeks. So we made a morning of it. Did the jobs, checked out the op shops and found just a few bargains. Came out to the car, hit the key and nothing! Rang Ashley (by this time it is 11.30am) and he said he would be there straight away, meanwhile Mum and I shared a bread roll and a drink of water (cause for once I remembered to throw in a water bottle – well shopping is thirsty work). Well I did say I would take her out and give her morning tea while I was at it. Next time it is Mum’s turn to organise our outing – I have requested sponge cake and a cup of tea. I think somehow I might not be that lucky.

Came home (car worked perfectly) parked at Mums – remember she lives up the back of our block – so we could unload her items, back into the car – nothing. Would not start again. So when Ashley came home for lunch he hopped in the car and it started second go. Darn it why does it happen to me? He thinks the problem is something to do with the wiring, anyway 15 minutes later problem solved. Well I hope it is.

Another lovely parcel in the mail today, this time from Suzie. Wonderful goodies, still drooling over them and I keep fondling the lovely lace she sent me. Could I be considered weird do you think? All sorts of ideas flashing through my mind as I mentally and physically check over what has been sent to me the past couple of days. Ahhh the possibilities.

Hot weather forecast all weekend – I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get a duststorm on Sunday to go with the 40 degree weather that is predicted. Should be a good weekend to sit and sew. The children started school holidays today so they are all very excited. On the homework front with Elise – she had hoped to have all her homework finished so she could have two weeks off. Not that lucky, but there is very little to do and a day seriously working at it should leave her with it all finished. We can only hope so.

I hope your week has been a good one and your weekend is full of good things.


5 thoughts on “Sorry, absolutely nothing happening around here at…

  1. ya know, if I had a week like that – I would have taken to my bed and pulled the covers up. At least the parcels made up for it. Hope your weekend is a good one too!

  2. I was starting to think there was something wrong with my link! *lol*

    I so hope that next week goes beautifully for you, and you ge lots of sewing and crafting done. I always find it soothes my soul πŸ™‚

    Big hugs xx

    Ps: You must have really short school terms down your way, mine don’t go on hols for another 3 or 4 weeks yet!

  3. Hope your weekend doesn’t turn out to be as hot as predicted, although with 37 forecast for Adelaide it doesn’t look too hopeful.

    Flossy – Commonwealth Games have given Vic schools a 6-week first term and a 12-week second term this year. What fun second term will be!!

  4. Your week sounded a busy one – look after yourself with the hayfever/sinus problems, my mother suffers terribly with her sinuses which make her thoroughly miserable. Have you tried feverfew (funky smelling plant, we have it growing here like a weed)? People I’ve spoken to swear by it.

    Have a good weekend πŸ™‚

  5. The weekend is looking better thank you all for your comments. Alice is right about our terms being muddled up by the Commonwealth games. Next term will be horrible it is soooooo long. School is back for only two weeks, then we have Easter, then that long stretch until – well I forget when it is so far away…lol.
    As for the hayfever – horseradish and garlic tables seem to work the best. At the moment I’m fine, but I also haven’t done too much in the gardening line – well apart from move hoses and sprinklers around.

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