Progress on the Lesson Block

Lesson Block 2
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I think I am finally reaching my comfort zone with this lesson which is probably a very good thing considering how big a mess I was last week

The seams are starting to work and I am “playing” with some silk ribbon embroidery which I feel could rapidly become a favorite. Not sure if the colour of the silk ribbons stictly works but it was all I have – at the moment!! May need some more stash enhancement forays shortly…vbg.

I must admit it feels really weird doing the main flowers first, then the other bits such as leaves buds etc as Sharon has suggested in the lesson. I think this feeling stems from when I was training as a florist. I was always taught to do foliage first, then main flowers, then the fill in bits so Sharon’s way, to me, is working entirely in reverse. I shall perservere though and see what happens. Either way I am enjoying the process.

I’m still not sure what I will finish the bottom of the seam treatment in the top left hand corner with. One thing I have discovered is do not mark out the stitching line with water soluable pen, then take it to swimming with the children and expect the lines to still be there after it has been splashed a dozen times The original idea was to have “bunches” of french knots hanging down, but now I’m not sure. Any suggestions greatfully received at this stage. I think I need to sew over the black “lace” a little to blend it in with the seam above it a little more. I wanted a strong contast on this seam to draw the eye around – hense the black bit. I think it works ok. I proabably should have sewn the black lace down when I was constructing the block, but it was an after thought – thought off well after I had finished the embroidery on the seam above it.

I am also working on the theory that I need another spray of flowers (or something) on the purple and gold (left hand side middle) to pull the eye around. Mum suggessted sewing beads onto the shiny peice in the middle, accenting the lines that are in the fabric. Still toying with that idea, but I think it may have merit.


One thought on “Progress on the Lesson Block

  1. It’s looking lovely Catherine. You are very clever at this 🙂 I’m hitting the sewing machine this week – I have finally cleared off the cutting table so I can start making a mess all over agan! *lol*

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