Further Update on the Homework Situation

I rang the school this morning and left a message for Elise’s teacher to ring me. Still hadn’t heard anything by 1.30 pm so I rang again. If I’m a bitch for being impatient, then so be it.

Elise’s teacher is sounded very nice and was very understanding. She said Elise is incredibly hard working and very, very quiet in class. She also said that she shouldn’t be doing the amount of homework that she is doing. Mrs L. beleives that maybe Elise isn’t understanding that they are still in the planning stages of the next project. Their next project is to write a childrens story. Now Elise and I did the planning for that last night as she was stressing that it was due in the first week back from the hols and she wouldn’t get it done. Elise took it to school this morning to check what we were doing was right, Mrs L. said she was in shock that she had done so much. Well durrrrr – what else were we meant to do, when there is no communication or what there is is very muddled. Honestly.

Anyway, the end result is Mrs L. is going to chat to Elise’s other teachers and see what can be worked out. If nothing improves then I’m to ring her and remind her what needs to be done. I hope it doesn’t get to the reminder stage, cause she won’t like what this Mummy will say to her.
As for the holidays – if we are going away I just have to write a note in Elise’s diary and tell them we will be away and request as extension on what ever is due. Mrs L. said she doesn’t have a problem with that and she is sure the other teacher don’t either.

On the social side of things, she had noticed that Elise didn’t seem to fit in with the other students and will do what she can to make things more comfortable. I explained that this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened and that Elise will work through it, but it is hard on both of us and the family until things are resolved. I also explained that I didn’t expect her to be removed from the class and put into another one. I think, in the long run, that would make things harder and Mrs L. has promised to see what she can do.

So there you have it. Maybe there might be some resolving of the issues at last. I’m glad I took your advise and rang the school now. Have to tell you though, if I hadn’t got Mrs L. this time, the next call or visit would have been to the principals office and I’m not sure he would have known what struck him. (Would laugh here, but it isn’t funny.)

Now, having had a good cry and resisting the urge (strenuously) to throw something, I might go and make a birthday card for my girl who is 13 tomorrow. Must post a baby photo while I am at it then I might reread my class notes – all 45 pages of them.

Hope your day is a good one.

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