No, not mine – Elise’s.

Ever since school has started Elise has had homework. Well when they start High School you expect them to have some. However Elise doesn’t have some – she has lots.

Now this homework isn’t being caused by her mucking around in class and not getting her work done. Elise, using her words, “works her butt off in class”. This is extra work that the teachers are setting. So far she has done:

Art – Assignment on Ancient Egypt
Maths – Maths homework one sheet a week plus whatever isn’t finished in class
General Studies – time line, childs story, spelling
Science – Speech and essay on famous scientist
Indonesian – family information using only indonesian words

Now I know when you read the list it doesn’t sound like much, but beleive me, just the Art Assignment alone took her at least three hours a night for a week. Maths is a hour each sheet. The speech for Science – I helped her with tonight and it was a good two hours just sorting through all the information we found, then helping her to compose the notes for the speech.

Yes I am helping her. I’m NOT doing her homework, but they are expected to write speeches etc when they haven’t been taught how to. Elise was never taught how to take proper notes and there doesn’t seem to be much information that is forthcoming from the Secondary teachers.

I am so fed up and worried about her. The routine when she gets home from school (at 3.30 pm) is – have a snack and chat about her day for approx 15 mins then she goes to her room and starts the homework. I call her about 6pm for tea, she may watch 15 mins of TV then back to her room for more homework hopefully putting her light out at around 8 pm, but lately it has been much later than that. Elise is working as quickly as she can, but when you aren’t taught the skills to study and complete some parts of the homework, it’s pretty damm hard. Even Elise admits that she feels like she is drowing in a sea of homework. We have printed off some monthly calenders to try and schedule the assignment work a little better and so there is a clear idea of what is due when. Nothing is left until the last minute, Elise has always been very good at starting work on an assigment or homework as soon as she receives it. There is just so much of it. This kind of work load I would have expected in the middle years of secondary, not the first year.

School holidays start in a couple of weeks and I have promised I will help her as much as I can so she doesn’t have to do any homework over them. I get the feeling though she will be working everyday during the holidays just so the homework is done and finished on time.

I can’t wait for parent/teacher interviews. There are going to be some pretty hard questions asked by this peeeeed off Mum as to what is going on. I haven’t heard how others are coping, but I would imagine it must be much the same. And just to top it off, she says she has no one in her class to talk to, they all ignore her. Which, knowing some of the kids in her class (who like to think they are a cut above everyone else) doesn’t surprise me. Elise didn’t get any of her friends in her class or homegroup which has made the transition so much harder. It just breaks my heart when she comes home some days and bursts into tears and says she spent the whole day being ignored.

Ahhh the joys of sending your child off to secondary school. If I thought we would both cope with homeschooling I would do it in an instant, but it just isn’t an option. I know that she will be the stronger better person for all of this, but she is still my baby girl and I want to protect her as much as possible. I guess all I can do is being a shoulder to cry on and support her as much as possible.

I am so proud of Elise, already there is a glimmer of the strong confident young woman she will become.

Look out world – Elise Ann is on your doorstep.


6 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Ditto Ms Robyn. I would be going to see the teachers straight away. I guess it is difficult when you get to that age, as there is 5 different teachers.
    Scratch that. Go straight to the top. Principals office on Monday. Ask if she can change home rooms starting next term. If she can at least start her day with friends, it will make it all that much easier. Do they stay in the same home room through the whole high school period or change each year?
    Good luck.

  2. Perhaps you could try homeschooling with the videos out??? I always thought I couldn’t homeschool but now I wish I had given it a try. Its rotten to know your child is hurting and working all the time like crazy. Oh, maybe I’m over reacting…I’m a bleeding heart for these situations. Our kids came through small Christian schools and we can identify with the homework situation. Hope things take a turn for the better soon.

  3. I was made miserable in my first years of high school by the amounts of homework given and also not fitting in. I was never a school person, I was always as good as gold, but dismissed by my peers. This made life at school a living hell, and having changed schools numerous times, in the end my mother and I gave up and we homeschooled. I have learnt more from life than I ever could’ve learnt in school… But as long as your girl is strong (something that at that age, I wasn’t), then she’ll be fine, but remember as a parent you have a lot of sway – if you’re not happy, tell the school! 🙂

    Good luck.

  4. Gabbie is in Grade 10 and doesn’t have this much homework! Is is a private or State school? Maybe we are different here in Queensland, but Gabbie never had that much when she was in her first year, and if she had, I would have been down at the school straight away.
    If Elise is finding it hard to cope, you need to talk to the Year co-ordinator. She is lucky to have a caring mum like you 🙂 and it sounds like she is a smart and sweet young lady.

    Good luck with this and let us know how it all goes

    Hugs xx

  5. Thanks girls. Rang the school and left a message that I wanted to speak to the homeroom/general studies teacher about her homework situation. Told them I was fairly pissed off by the whole matter and wanted it sorted – now!!! Will let you know what is happening. The office girl I spoke to said that it sounded like there was something wrong with that amount of homework. Time will tell.

    who has had a little cry and is feeling much better.

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