A lovely Saturday

Not a great deal happening around here.

Took Elise to school on Friday, before dropping Nicola and James off, she got out of the car and burst into tears. Elise has had the worst hacking cough for weeks and it had manifested itself into a stomach ache that had been brewing all morning. So back into the car she got, dropped off the other two (not without tears from Nicola who was Jealous that Elise got to stay home) and came home again. Rang the Doctors and got her in by 10 am.

No wonder Doctors are driving fancy cars and have nice homes. We were charged $50 for what was a 10 minute stay in the medical facility. 7 minutes in the waiting room and 3 with the doctor. Anyway Elise was given antibiotics which are working – finally. The cough is definately better and she isn’t looking quite so tired and pinched around the face anymore. I kept thinking it was hayfever – dopey me you would think I would know the difference between hayfever and a bad cold by now wouldn’t you.

Saturday we went to Patchewollock (1 1/2 hours from home) to Ashley’s sister and brother-in-laws farm. It is lovely over there. Nice and relaxing, lots of cups of tea, fabulous sponge cake (cause I made one to take…hehehehe) and a wonderful BBQ lunch and tea. We come home with a trailer load of sheep maunure, wheat for the chooks and several bags of gypsum for the garden. (Gypsum helps to break down clay if you’re wondering.) Ohh and I forgot the purpose of the visit, well apart from the company we have there, hubs and something else for the camper trailer. Ashley and Barry were swapping parts -as they normally do. The children have a ball. Fiona and Barry’s three are similar in ages to ours and they all get on so well. We hardly saw the children all day, but we could hear them. They were using the walky talkies to let each other, and anyone else on that channel, know where they were. Fiona always has heaps of magazines to read and I found a fabulous bag pattern in one so traced it out and wrote down my version of the instructions which means I will have to make it soon, before I can’t follow what I wrote down. Gosh won’t that be a hardship..lol.

Came home absolutely exhausted and fell into bed around 11.3o pm, we didn’t leave over there until very late. This morning I have washed and ironed and even done a tiny bit of gardening. The green thumb is calling me, but there is a definate lack of motivation – again!!! Isn’t there always. If the weather had stayed cool I might have been right. I remarked to Ashley just the other week (in the middle of the cool patch of weather) that it felt like winter was surely on its way. (Yes he did give me a funny look) The garden seemed to be sliding into that restful sleep it has over winter, then BANG the hot weather hit again. Six drops of rain and it is so humid you can almost see fish swimming past in the air. I am so glad I didn’t sucumb to the urge to start planting. Not that I could plant much, the weeds are still a very dominant force in this garden.

Perhaps next week I will be more organised. Maybe the trick is to just tackle a peice of the garden at a time. A reasonable sized peice that is – if it was only a little bit I will never get anything finished. By the way the plans for the creek/stream.channel pond are moving ahead. Ashley is nearly at the stage of letting me loose with a can of line marking paint to mark out where it is to go. You would think with all the garden I have, that more would be just too much. Not so – I can’t wait!!1


2 thoughts on “A lovely Saturday

  1. Sounds a lovely saturday! We’re just getting to grips with the garden here, the weather is starting to let up a bit and is making it much easier to actually do something instead of sit inside listlessly watching!

    The first crocuses are just starting to flower, which is always a very good sign in my book!

  2. It’s almost time to get in the garden now…
    I can’t wait until it cools down enough to plant!

    Hope Elise is feeling lots better now.

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