Smells, Scents, Perfume, Odour – the list goes on

The house smells wonderful today. I have made two huge pizzas for the childrens lunches. We cut them into meal sized squares and freeze them. It makes the kids feel they are getting something special for lunch and I know they are eating only the good stuff.

Have you noticed how a particular smell can transport you instantly back in time? I had that today. Went down the street to do a few small jobs and walking back to the car I had to wait for a truck to go past before crossing the road. There was this smell, and then I realised – it was pigs. The truck was full of pigs – it is probably sale day at the saleyards. Instantly I was 10 years old and standing in the middle of the pig shed at my Grandfathers farm watching him feed the sows and piglets and talking to them all the time. Grandpa breed pigs, milked cows and grew grain, a general multipurpose farm. There was just something magical about being in the pig shed, the contented sounds of the sows, squeals of the piglets as they fought for the best of Mum’s teats for a feed and my Grandpa walking calmly amongst them doing what he loved best, caring for his animals. There is also a sadness that those days are long gone – but I have the memories and they are more precious than anything.

I think, in part, it is why I prefer to do things myself, grow our own food, bake and sew and occassionally clean. It all comes from my Grandparents. Mum did those things too, but there is something about a child’s Grandparents, the values that they teach you, that sticks through all the years and the ups and downs of life. Grandma and Pa were the salt of the earth people, down to earth people. The kind that when life got tough, you worked through it and celebrated with gusto the good times. I’m so blessed to have had them in my life.

On a sewing front I have peiced together another block – well it is nearly finished. Just three more peices of fabric to sew on and its finished. Then there is another to peice. I will take photos and post them soon.


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