Seed Raising Help Needed

I am envious of Alice and Richard that they are planting seedlings that they have raised themselves. What a sense of achivement that must be.

I have a question though. I can get the seeds to germinate in punnets and get them to the two leaf stage, but then they just sit, and sit, and sit. There doesn’t seem to be any more activity. The roots get longer but the leaves just don’t grow. I have tried fertisiling them with a weak solution of Charlie Carp or weak worm water – but nothing happens.

Should I transplant them to potting mix when they get to that two leaf stage, or is there somethig else I should be doing? I am growing them in seed raising mix which sits on carpet underlay so they are constantly moist.

Help please!!!


2 thoughts on “Seed Raising Help Needed

  1. What kind of light are your seedlings getting?

    This happened to me once when I tried starting seeds in a semi-shady window.

    Placing your seedlines in southern windows or artificial light might help.

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