Am I a Vintage Blogger?

Thank you all for your blogday and get well (you do have to recover from depression) wishes.

I still don’t know what gives me the biggest thrill, seeing what I have written in “print” or the wonderful comments that are made. In 12 months I have had 289 posts, this will be the 290th. Simply mind bloggling to this gardener/sewer who really doesn’t have much in the writing skills department. Well not according to my Year 12 English Literature teacher. Although I did think she was a bit weird at the time. (The scary thing is she is still teaching at the secondary school and might end up with Elise in her class.) Even more amazing is that I have had 9945 hits on my blog. Although I must confess that probably a lot of those are from me, checking out to see if what I had written is still there. Does that make me weird? Nah depression hasn’t sent me to the funny farm yet, so I don’t think checking my blog will. Can someone just confirm that it won’t for me – pleeeeease…lol.

As for the Vintage side of things – well if anything that is considered old is Vintage – THEN I’M VINTAGE.

To quote Ms Robyn’s words “vintage is something with a past, a history that has been well loved and maybe a little worn, threadbare, used, chipped or tattered.” That’s me!!!! Chloe says it is something that is “old enough to be interesting.” Well I think I’m interesting……roflol.

My kids all think I’m vintage. Being asked was their electricity when you were a baby starts to really date you. And yes there was, just not sure who ever it was that asked me, actually beleived me.

Why did I ask what was vintage? Well to be honest I love the sound of it. However I kept thinking that maybe Vintage was a particular type of thing such as “victorian” or “edwardian”. How nice to know that it is whatever I cherish. I can’t wait to tell Ashley at lunch time that he is vintage cause he’s been around for a while and I cherish him. Should I have the camera ready do you think. Well maybe not that might be going a bit too far.

As you can probably tell I’m feeling heaps better today. Thank you for your support. I hesitated about mentioning that I was struggling, but wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t.

So now I’m off to fix bacon sandwhiches for lunch then a spot of sewing afterwards. James has the day off school today, but we had to go in for his literacy testing – which he did really well at. Then down the street so he could buy Elise a birthday present then home again. The weather is wonderful and I feel at peace.

I hope your day will be as good as mine.

Hugs to all.

7 thoughts on “Am I a Vintage Blogger?

  1. I’m glad you are your bright cheery self again, and don’t worry about the days when you are not so cheery – we all have them.

    As for Vintage – well, I’m definitely old enough to have a past(just can’t remember what it was); I hope I’m loved, maybe even cherished occasionally?, not sure about interesting – I know I’m interestED in other people, … and I forget the rest of Ms Robyn’s definition but if I try and find it I’ll lose everything I’ve written, so I’ll have to remain partially vintage.

  2. Hi Calidore ~ I’m glad to hear that you are feeling at peace.
    Whenever I’m feeling ‘down’, I just remind myself that it won’t last forever, and soon things will be right again…
    I slow down and try to spend some time doing something that relaxes me or something I really enjoy.
    I didn’t see your post asking for descriptions on vintage, but it sounds like it has been well and truly explained now 🙂

  3. ….and I guess I qualify as either Period,or more likely Antique!!
    So glad to hear you’ve given the black dog the boot again C!
    I also hope your fluey symptoms are fast vanishing!

  4. I’m glad you are feeling better. My computer is off at the repair shop and I’ve been out of touch. this is a lovely post…I’ve enjoyed visiting as always.

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