Blogging Birthday

I don’t beleive it, I forgot my blogging birthday. After waiting so impatiently for it to arrive, it did and I didn’t even notice.

Actually reading my first post nothing much has changed around here. I weeded that same bed about a month ago. The first jonquil is just poking it’s leaves up into the bright sunlight (with the heat we have been having you would wonder if maybe he wished he had stayed in hibernation a little longer) and the bed has been revamped. Or at least plans for it have been made. It is going to be the starting point for my pond/creek/river/channel.

Now just to get Ashley organised. Might put a veto on him building a new race car until the stream is built. That should get him motivated. He sold his race car last night so has nothing to race until a new one is built. And no a race car isn’t as glamorous as it might sound.

Happy Blogging Birthday to me,
Happy Blogging Birthday to me,
Happy Blogging Birthday dear Calidore,
Happy Birthday to me.

Well someone had to sing it….lol.

So there you have it, I have been rambling on for 12 whole months and you are still reading my blog. Must be doing something right – aren’t I?? Moment of self doubt there. Might go and ice that choclate cake I made today for tea. Would candles be appropriate I wonder.

10 thoughts on “Blogging Birthday

  1. oooh Catherine!
    A very merry unbirthday,seeing as how I missed it yesterday.
    I think it was the White rabbit that was always late for a very important date…….must be my twin!.
    May your second blogging year bring you and your readers lots of interesting things!

  2. Happy blogday! and to acknowledge the occasion I am going to actully POST your baggie. It has been ready for a while, I’ve just been slack….

  3. I love that phrase “Happy Blogday”. Sort of sums it up. All I can say is you’re way too busy to pay attention to EVERYTHING! Right?

    Besides, cake is good (with candles everytime!) as often as possible!

  4. Happy Birthday to you….How time flies when you arehaving fun!!!! I can only echo what the otheres have said – Please keep writing your blog… For my selfish reasons you are about as close to a country holiday as I am about to get… Besides, like all my other blogging friends I like to think of you under the same bright stars as I am – that is what connects us all!!!!!

  5. If I could carry a tune,I would sing Happy Blogoversary to you.

    But, alas, I cannot. So I will just have to say, “Happy Blogoversary, Calidore.”

    I enjoy reading your blog and hope you stick around for a long time to come.

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