First Lesson

Very quick post, cause I want to watch Star Wars and it starts in less than 10 mins.

I read my lesson notes this morning and then played with fabric this afternoon. It really is quite amazing how much you do get done while the children aren’t around to annoy me. Ohhh did I say that…lol.

I was soooo scared at starting this block and had no idea on what colours or even fabrics I wanted to use. So I did this….
Encusted Crazy Quilting Class
I pulled all the evening fabrics I posess out of their box. Piled them on the floor in colour groups and ended up with this pile that I liked. Certainly not the normal way I go about chosing fabrics for a naked block. Still it worked – might have to try it again.

When I started to sew the fabrics I put them pretty much in the order that they were on the floor. I ended up using 11 fabrics – some more than once as you can see, just to try to balance the block a little.
Encusted Crazy Quilting Class
I also paid strict attention to where the seams were going so the eye “wandered around” the block rather than slipping off the edge. I think I have been successful although no doubt I will find something that I don’t like when it comes time to embellish it.

Normally it doesn’t take long to put a block together – you know me always do things in top gear, but this took nearly three hours of decisions and changing of my mind. Very frustrating. Ashley reckons I “thought” too much about it and should have gone more with the flow. Maybe that will come with time.


7 thoughts on “First Lesson

  1. I don’t know about the floor, but other than that, that is the way Judith Baker Montano starts you off on a block. Pull out all the ones you like and put them together, and then pull out the ones that shouldn’t have got in there in the first place, then make block. 🙂

    Good start. 🙂

  2. That looks very nice. I don’t do CGing, but I think it looks like a very creative endeavour. I suspect the embellishing is the fun part. Looking forward to seeing how you finish this block.

  3. The floor is the only clear space in my sewing room at the moment Chloe 😦 it is nice to know that I wasn’t completey nuts when I played with fabric that way…lol.

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Next Friday is such a long way off – good thing I have a couple more projects I want to start and a pile of UFO’s that need finishing – groan.

  4. Catherine
    One of the things about CQ is the mess! How can anyone possible have things “tidy” when there are so many exciting possibilities waiting to be discovered in your treasure chest/stash!
    Just wait until Sharon starts you on “encrusting”!!
    You’ll love it!

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