How to Loose Weight and Excerise

That title got you thinking didn’t it…hehehehe.
It was really easy actually –
Mix up bread dough – enough to make three loaves – knead vigerously for at least 10 minutes, place in pan and allow to rise. Meanwhile mix up enough dough to make another three loaves and knead vigerously for another 10 minutes. By now the arms should be hurting and you are beginning to puff. Place in pan and allow to rise.
Wander sedately around the garden picking roses and place in a vase.
Knead bread dough slightly and place in bread tins, allow to rise – three tins, all filled with dough, are really heavy.
Knead second lot of dough and place in bread tins and allow to rise.
Hang washing on line – that is the stretching part of the exercise regime.
More Weight Lifting:
Place bread tins in oven – they are now really heavy and bake.
Sweat out some of that excess fluid while checking bread – remember the oven is hot – enough to flush the cheeks and cause persperation on the brow.
Even More Weight Lifting:
Turn baked bread onto wire rack and sniff deeply.
Play on puter for a while and read blogs.
See I told you it was easy….lol.
Things I’m grateful for:
That the bread rose
The Roses I picked – four different colours enough to fill four vases.

5 thoughts on “How to Loose Weight and Excerise

  1. Hah! I have to tell you, that when we were kidlets, Mum decided to make our own bread like that. Bread only came twice a week on the mail car.

    Her first batch was so bad that it couldn’t be cut. We kids buried it down by the creek. And the kids at school couldn’t guess what it was, when we described it in morning talk, either.

    But she did get better.

    There is nothing nicer than real, home-made bread.

  2. Sounds like my very first batch of custard. It wouldn’t go down the sink, the dogs wouldn’t eat it, neither would the humans…lol. Finally admitted defeat and put it in the bin. Thank heavans I have improved since then.

  3. Sounds like my first mirco wave efforts… I made scones – one does wonder now why – but I over zapped them… They were truely very hard… I threw them outside for the birds – they wouldn’t touch them… We had rain – they still remained intact… My now ex husband suggested they could be used as a rockery… No that is not why he is my ex husband!!!!!

  4. Definitely my kind of exercise! I eagerly await the arrival of some roses in our garden, they have to be one of my favourite flowers. đŸ™‚

  5. Sounds like a good way to exercise – mine was to dust, vacuum and mop the floors, a bit of decobwebbing – all in heat that made the house feel like a sauna!

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