Update on Quilt

I pulled the quilt off the line, just before getting the kids from school. Most of the stains seemed to have disappeared thank goodness. There are still some nearest the binding, but I don’t think there is a lot I can do about that. Even the stains that were on the back of the quilt are gone, and they weren’t even in the sun.

I do soak anything that looks like it might run (thanks for the tip Ms Robyn) but don’t remember having any problems with this fabric.

Oh – by the way – who ever it was that told me I would soon be wishing for the children to stay at school for longer so I could get things done. YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! I have finished another needlecase, cleaned the sewing room – found some UFO’s that I had forgotton were there, and they were only made up last year – and sorted out more fabric for some more needlecases. Another hour, maybe two, and I would have had them sewn and found the fabric I needed for Sharon’s class. Never mind there is always tomorrow to play with more fabric.


One thought on “Update on Quilt

  1. I remember school days. I’d hate to see the kids go off..but often wished for a little longer to finish up something in the afternoon. Well, I didn’t always hate to see them go to school come to think of it. Sometimes they would stress me out before the bus came. I’m thankful now that they are adults, I’m free to sleep in in the mornings, and free of nagging them to hurry or they will miss the bus, or why didn’t they have thier school books together and on and on. Life just gets better and better….come to think of it,now that they are grown up…grin.

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