Blasted Fabric

I thought I’d be a good little vegemite this morning and strip Elise’s bed completly and wash everything -sheets, blankets, quilt etc.

The plan worked like clockwork, until I pulled her quilt out of the machine. Now it didn’t sit in the machine waiting for me to get to it. The washing machine beeped and I answered straight away. The fabric that I used for the binding has RUN!!!

Not everywhere, but in enough places I could cry. Mum came down and had a look. We sprayed it with a stain remover – working on the theory that we couldn’t make it much worse, and I washed it again. Well it’s no worse, but the stains are still there. Ahrrrrrrrrrrrr I know there are products you can use to remove fabric stains like that but I’m a bit frightened that they might make the binding fabric run more.

I dread to think what Elise is going to say when she gets home. I’m not pleased, so I am damm sure she won’t be either. The silly thing is I washed (really well) that fabric before I used it for the binding. I wash ALL my fabrics before using them. It didn’t run when I washed it, so why did it now?

My day was going so well until that happened. Never mind, I’m still annoyed, but there is nothing I can do about it. Hopefully the sun will fade some of that staining – a little. I’m telling myself that things happen for a reason, just not sure what the reason is – yet.

Right I’m off to get Ashley’s lunch ready, then to spend a pleasant, though probably messy, afternoon sorting fabrics out for Sharon’s Class that starts Thursday – Yipee!!! plus I want to peice up two or three more needlecases just so I have something to go on with in my idle moments – whatever they are…lol.


5 thoughts on “Blasted Fabric

  1. ooh – not really much you can do – take a gamble and try that no run stuff..but I learnt my lesson this way and always,always wash my fabrics before sewing. If the fabrics are dark and likely to bleed,wash them in cold water and soak in salt water for a little while. what a pain 😦

  2. hmm of course, I replied before reading the whole post – so I wouldn’t forget what I was going to say and here you tell us that you wash your fabrics haha
    so,when I ever first started sewing, my patchwork teacher told me to soak dark colors and reds and bright colors in salt water for a short time. apparently this helps to set the dye.

  3. You need to come join us at Chains of Hearts! that will give you something to do in idle moments…
    Ben was good today. His teachers had obviously buddied him up with someone for lunch time. Nice to know they took it on board

  4. Oh, I know how heartbreaking it is after putting so much work into a quilt!
    It happened to me with a Christmas quilt–I also wash all of my fabric, but still the dark green ran in some areas. It never came out, but I still use it.

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