Needlecase – Finished

It is truly amazing how much you get done when the computer is turned off and the children aren’t home for a few hours. I finished the needlecase yesterday and it is residing at Mum’s today. She looked so surprised when I gave it to here. Goodness knows why, Mum dropped enough hints to get it.

I have sewn on the piping (which I made) and placed a peice of thinish batting at the back of the needlecase front and back then tacked the piping edging down. The instructions said to use Timex but I didn’t know what that was, nor did I want to hang around long enough to find out…lol. Batting worked fine – the thinner the better though I would suggest.

Mark the centre of the felt and pin the front of the needlecase into positon. Using a zipper foot, sew it to the felt. This is why the tacking is used – much easier than trying to pin everything in place. Do the same to the back of the needlecase, keeping the points of the front and back as close as possible.

Both front and back sewn down and the felt trimmed to shape. Do this carefully around where you have sewn – it would be easy to trim it too close and have the felt pull away.

A veiw of the felt lining. You can see where it is sewn down. The small “darts” in the felt are so it folds into position properly.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully if you want to make one of these. They are really easy to make and a lot of fun. The instuctions are also much easier to understand than my ramblings.

NOTE – I reducted the pattern to 80% of its original size so it would fit on the felt that I had. Fiddle around with it to see what size suits you.

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