More Bread

It is such a pity we don’t have “Smell-a-blog”.

I baked bread again yesterday and the house smelt fantastic. Three loaves this time and they didn’t rise above the tin like the last one – think I may be working the recipe out at last. I jsut need big muscels to lift the bread tins out of the oven. It is surprising how heavy they are when full of bread. Why did that surprise me….am I losing it I wonder?

No pictures this time, but trust me they well and truly passed the taste test – especially with homemade apricot jam. Yumm!!

PS How your husband can give you a real fright.

I made Ashley a coffee, but couldn’t find him. Coming from the office (where I thought he was) I saw his legs lying on the floor at the doorway to the laundry, yes they were attached to his body – I could hear you wondering where the rest of him was…lol. I called him, but he didn’t answer. Thinking the worst (as you do) I went racing into the laundry – only to find him lying down tinkering with the freezer we have in there. Apparently his ice cream was soft and he thinks there is something wrong with the freezer. Good grief. I had visions of having to call an ambulance. Ahhh if only he fixed the other bits and peices around the house as fast as he is trying to fix the freezer – he has already called a refridgeration mechanic mate. Maybe I should smear icecream on anything that needs fixing……


4 thoughts on “More Bread

  1. Yes, men and their quirks! my hubby has his shed just about perfectly set up (for him), however, the house is half way through renovations that he hasn’t done any work on since August. And he is a carpenter! What is it they say about mechanic’s cars?
    It is very frustrating to say the least. You have inspired me, I am going to make some bread tonight – but only in the breadmaker…

  2. Lol Alice – there is still plenty in the pantry. Plum Jam tomorrow all being well and no one annoying me.

    Send your carpenter DH this way Flossy. There is always plenty to do around here. Maybe we should arrange a swap.

  3. Catherine,

    Please let us know if you do experiment with the smeared ice cream on broken things. If it works I’d love to try it out on my DH! You notice that I still say DH, not just H. 🙂

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