CQ Bags Finished

I haven’t posted of late, mainly because there is nothing happening. Well unless you count housework and that isn’t terribly exciting.

I am still feeling the lethargy of last week and am beginning to wonder if it is the after effects of all the stress and worry of sending the children off to school and as a consequence don’t feel like doing anything. By the time I went for a walk yesterday morning and did the beds, floors etc I was exhausted, however I did manage some sewing. Today’s effort was the shopping and pay for Elise’s school fees then home for another sewing session..

Yesterday I peiced up the hearts for the Little Crazy Heart Needlecase from CQ Magazine.
CQ Heart Needlecase
I am going to keep the embroidery really simple and try to make the floral peice in the middle the focus. The peice inthe top right hand corner is more green than brown by the way. More details on it at a later stage – when I’m not overseeing homework or refereeing who is having the last peice of chocolate cake.

Of course being supervised by Jess always makes the work go so much better…lol.
Being supervised by Jess
At one stage he had his head in front of the machine, watching the needle go up and down. I thought we may have been the only people in town with a cat who has a peirced nose for a while. Fortunatly he decided that it was dangerous and contented himself with just resting his paw on the fabric while I was sewing. Nothing like involving everyone in my sewing.

Today I got stuck into finishing the crazy quilted bags that I have been working on.
CQ Bags - finished
Because the bags are so small I had trouble sewing the Suffragette bag together. The satin kept fraying, pins stuck into me and nothing seemed to sit right, but in the end, with the application of the iron, it looks okay. The Ocean Bag worked really well. Cottons are soooooo much easier to sew when you are working on something small. Best of it my MP3, keys and hankie fit into it nicely, so there is no excuse that I can’t walk while listening to music now.


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