I had a "Me" Day

Well so much for the great gardening plans. What was it I said in my last post – something about no more excuses and dilly dallying around. Huh – famous last words.

The children were all so tired that there were tears before breakfast. No – not mine, James, all over a bowl of cereal. Anyway the problem was sorted and they were all off to school on time. Came home collected the school chooks. We mind them each Christmas holidays so the assistant Principal doesn’t have to come down every few days and check them, which is difficult as he normally tries to have a trip away at this time of year. Actually Mum caught them all – I can’t stand catching chooks – then she had to have a shower afterwards they kicked up so much mud in their efforts to escape her. Took the chooks to school, back to Mum’s for a cuppa then just didn’t feel like doing anything.

I was/still am tired and achy and felt everyone of my 38 years. Yes I know anyone over the age of 38 is rolling around on the floor about now, laughing themselves silly, but you know what I mean. So today I did what I wanted to. I had a “Me” day. Hung a load of washing out (well that had to be done), made bread – by hand – and it worked (wanted to do that), I normally use the bread maker. Read blogs and emails and enjoyed myself.

I checked out the latest edition of CQ Magazine Online and found this stunning little Needlecase which I decided to try then and there. Never mind that I still haven’t sewn together my Suffragette bag or finished the Ocean Bag. I can come back to them – guess who is Queen of the UFO’s!!!!

Actually in the end I got the hearts for the needlecase peiced together and did some more work on the Ocean Bag all before picking children up from school. James walked out to the gate today by himself. Next week he tells me he can walk to class on his own too. All three of them were glad it was the end of the week.

Tonight Ashley and I have had a major cleanup in the office, rearranged the computer and dusted everything, now he is sorting out paperwork and I think I might make a cuppa and go to bed and read.

I hope your day was as relaxing and enjoyable as mine. Good night.


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