Wedding Anniversary

I should have posted these photos yesterday but wasn’t organised enough. Why is that a surprise.
Edgar Alfred (Ted) and Amy
1 February 1936
Fentons Creek Victoria

My Grandparents Wedding Anniversary. They would have been married 70 years this year. Take note of the creases in Grandmas dress. Grandma said there was no photographer at their wedding, well not an official one anyway, so the dress was packed away until they found time to get to the photography studio and then had the (official) photos taken. I have no idea how long it was between the wedding and this photo. Probably a few weeks.

This is the bride and grooms parents and their attendants. I don’t know who took the photo – neither does Mum and Grandma and Pa are long gone so I can’t ask them. Either way it is a memento that I cherish.

Back Row: Ernest and Susan (Pa’s parents) I don’t remember Ernest, but Susan we always called Granny. She lived in the flat beside us when I was a baby and I remember her when I was a young girl.

Front Row – left to right – Charles, Maude (Grandma’s Parents) Great Grandma (Maude) I remember visiting in a nursing home – some days she would rember Yvonne and I and others she didn’t. Ted and Amy, Clarence (Pa’s brother) and Beryl. I don’t know who Beryl was – probably a friend of Grandmas.

It always fascinated me that Pa had two names but was called Ted while Grandma was blessed with only one. In memory of Pa and cause we liked the name James got three names – James Lindsay Edgar. If he is as good a man as my Pa, then we will be very happy.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary

  1. Beautiful wedding photo at the top. I’m curious about the wedding bouquet – did they have to get another one for the photo session. If a few weeks had elapsed between the wedding and the photos, the original flowers would have died. Would they have used artificial ones in those days?

    Don’t the old photos keep well. Much better than many in more recent years.

  2. Yes Alice – the wedding boquet in the photo was supplied by the studio. I think Grandma said once that she just had flowers picked out of the garden. No money in those days for a professional boquet nor was there a florist even if you did want one.

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