I’m Sorry….

but there is an ugly side to my garden. It is the Vegie garden. I will not dignify it by calling it a Kitchen Garden. That is much too grand a title for this weed infested bit of dirt.

I felt I should post some photos so you can all be as horrifed as me and the fact that publically showing it might motivate me more into cleaning it up. See there is method in my madness…lol

This is the compost pile. It isn’t a bin, it is a pile.
And yes it doesn’t look like compost you have ever seen before that because we are mixing the dirt/sludge from when the dam was cleaned out with weeds and sheep manure to create something resembling compost to use for garden beds. The rest of the garden is solid clay, so I figured that a bit more, which is hopefully improved, wouldn’t hurt.
The bit you can see that has the corrigated iron sheet in front of it, has the sheep manure in it. That bin is filled to the brim when we get a trailer load of sheep poo from my brother in law.

Tomatoe Bed
The Tomatoe bed with garlic chives at the front of it. Not that they are keeping the harliquin bugs of the tomatoes, nor is the basil doing any good. The trees and wormwood (silver bush) to the left of the photo, back onto the chook pen.

The Vegie Garden
Pumpkins, corn, zucchini, watermelon, rockmelon and cucumbers in the background. The front bed has beans and lots of weeds. Ohh and celery gone to seed. This bed also has the grapevine growing in it.

Vegie Garden - towards the shed
Looking back towards the grapevine bed, past the compost pile and onto the shed. You’re lucky the shed doors weren’t open, there is even more junk in there.

Ok couldn’t leave you with just photos of the yucky bits of my garden. Here is the grapevine – absolutely loaded with grapes which are nearly ripe. You can pick some already, but every now and then you get the taste of one that isn’t quite ripe which is a real taste sensation…lol.

We have also been picking zucchini, watermelon, tomatoes (only one or two a day – not sure I will have enough to even make sauce this year) and corn. The cucumbers (lemon) will be ready by the end of next week and hopefully so will the rockmelon. There are carrots coming up and lettuce and hopefully some wong bok if the chook that kept escaping hasn’t dug up all the seeds.

I will give you time to get over the shock of these photos, then scare you more with some of the orchard. I think I need to borrow Alice’s Richard to get some order into my garden.. Help!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “I’m Sorry….

  1. I like it. This is what a vegetable garden is supposed to look like. Full of disorder and chaos yet producing awesome vegetables to eat. Keep it up.

  2. Oh, those grapes!! Like something in a magazine ad! You’ve got a lot of territory to cover…I’m impressed! Our garden is small compared to yours. And..we only have just over an acre…mostly lawn, which keeps hubby very busy mowing in the summer.

  3. What on earth are you talking about, woman! That is an absolutely gorgeous veggie garden. What? You want it to be pretty??? Well – is is! And I looked at that compost heap, with the corrugated iron, I lusted after it!

    Ugly it is not!

  4. I believe Chloe and the snakes BOTH lust after your corrugated iron compost bins, don’t they? I like a vegie garden that I can roam in and find all sorts of surprises – er, not the reptilian kind, though.

    Yes, Calidore you can have Richard in exchange for a few jars of apricot jam. That jam would definitely make me start eating bread again.

  5. Yes Chloe, I want it to be pretty. Foolish I know, but I can’t help it. It is the thought of possible snakes hiding in all that undergrowth that puts shivers down my spine.

    When will Richard be arriving Alice, should I send the Jam back with him or do you want it first?…lol.

    Ashley thinks I’m mad by the way, wanting help. He thinks I will manage to get it cleaned up by myself. After all I have all those hours to fill in while the kids are at school. Silly man, doesn’t he know I’m waiting for him to help too.

  6. Of course you have all those empty school hours to fill in. Silly woman, you didn’t think you had anything else to do, did you?

    Don’t let Richard anywhere near that apricot jam. Homemade apricot jam has to be one of our favourites. Shame our trees had no fruit this year.

  7. have to agree in the homemade apricot jam..yum. I don’t even eat jam…but will when it is yummy apricot. Marcel and i were housesitting for one of his aunts one time and found a jar of this deliciuos jam and I found any excuse to eat bread and jam. we ate two jars of it in 4 days and it was all we could do to stop ourselves from eating her very last jar!!

    I love your vegie garden!! One like mum and dads is too too too much work!!

  8. Love the garden – and the compost too. I haven’t been to your part of the world, but I believe it is very hot and dry. To produce such a productive garden in such an area is incredible! And you look after a husband and children and do handcrafts! Your life is full. Money, leisure and extra labour give the perfect-in-order garden but how many Prince Charles and Highgroves are there in the world!

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