My Green Thumbs are getting Restless

How many others are like me, just itching to get out into the garden. It has been so hot (I’m sure I mentioned that a time or two in my posts) that it was just impossible to do anything. Even in the very wee hours of the morning (that’s 6 am in my language) it was still too hot to do anything. Blasted Mallee weather.

After hanging a load of washing out tonight I had a quick stroll around some of the garden beds. So frustrating and disappointing. Why do the plants I want to grow, struggle so much in the heat, while the weeds thrive and multiply at an alarming rate? I’m sure I weeded vigorously before Christmas and mulched heavily, but there they are. All looking at me definately.

The lawn needs mowing. The canna’s that have come up, entirely without invitation, near the seedling oak trees are growing defiantly and the corn and sunflowers which have appreared in Woodhenge are well on their way to reaching three feet in height. I didn’t plant them there – I know I didn’t.

Maybe there are garden spirits planting bits and peices when I am not looking. My Grandma used to do that. I would come home from school, check out the bit of garden I had claimed for myself only to find Grandma and planted something that she thought I would enjoy. Well I did – once I had moved it to where I wanted it.

Thursday is my gardening day. I dont’ give a damm how hot it might be. Well actually I do – a cool breeze would be nice, maybe a bit of cloud cover. I am going to mow lawns, do edges, remove cannas. Might leave the corn and see if it does any better than the corn in the vegie patch. I might even dead head a few roses. I WILL GARDEN. My appointment with Nicola’s teacher isn’t until 3 pm, so surely I will be movitivated enough to spend at least the morning gardening. What’s that I hear you ask – what is happening with the walking I was going to do, the excercising I need. Well walking behind a push mower doing edges is excerise – isn’t it??

2 thoughts on “My Green Thumbs are getting Restless

  1. My gardening day is usually on Saturday and Sunday. Even if it is a stinker, I still garden but I take lots of breaks for water. I really hate summer time – I hate the heat and I hate how the garden gets out of control and I hate how you sweat when gardening and the bra gets saturated 🙂 .
    Hope it is cool for you on Thursday. ps. mind the snakes, I saw one today up the road, a tiger – albeit dead but it was still a snake.

  2. I was trying to forget about the snake Ms Robyn. Think I will be throwing a shovel into any bushes and piles of weeds before I do anything. I garden too on the weekends, but lately it has been too hot to do that too.

    PS As horrible as it sounds, gardening without a bra is soooo much more comfortable. Mind you I only do it in the very early hours of the morning or if I’m sure no one is about. Now hows that for some info about me….lol.

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