First Day of School – Over

Today was the first day of school for 2006 and like so many other Mum’s I spent half the night worrying and stressing over how the children would cope. Which was pretty silly really – but that’s me.

Elise went off to Secondary School very relaxed. I said a quick prayer as she walked through the gate that she would be safe and comfortable in her surroundings – and she was. Very much the grown up young lady who coped with all that was thrust upon her in the mad dash that is the first day of a new phase of her education. Elise’s form teacher is also her home group teacher and she really likes her, which means for smooth sailing (I hope) in the months and years ahead. Her form teacher will change each year, but the home group teacher remains the same for the six years she is a secondary school. Ashley’s cousin J. is teaching sport at the college and she has Elise for sport later in the week. I think the last time J. saw Elise, she was in nappies. Also her maths teacher I remember as a young boy when we used to go sailing, now he is all grown up and teaching my little/big girl maths. How time does fly. (Ohh and from what I have heard on the grapevine, he is an excellent teacher and very well liked by the students and staff).

Nicola was a bundle of nerves this morning. She had met her teacher last year, but six weeks of holidays can cause little girls to forget what that teacher is like. Miss H., in the five minutes or so that I spoke with her, is lovely. Young, enthusiastic but very much in control of the classroom. The first day when the kids are going everywhere is always a good indication of how in control teachers are I find. I have a meeting with her on Thursday to discuss Nicola’s allergies which shold give me more indication of what she is like. (I really must write here about Nicola’s stuggle with her excema. I know it isn’t a particulary exciting topic for a post, but there may be others who have also suffered and who knows what information may be shared.) Anyway Nicola came home absolutely exhausted and was in tears by the time afternoon tea was over. A normal occurance when the excema is bad. She did enjoy her day though and likes her teacher. She says she doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow, but that will have changed by breakfast time.

James had a ball. His teacher, Mrs B. also taught Nicola in Preps, so she knows what James is like from when we used to pick up Nicola from class. She is an older teacher and soooo patient and caring about the little ones. And so in control – any woman who can get a class room of seventeen 5 and 6 years olds sitting quietly in under two minutes deserves a medal. James was a little disappointed that they didn’t do any maths on the first day, but was pleased he didn’t have to bring home a reader. Figure that one out!!! There were no dramas, big or little, whcih was nice. He has tomorrow at home – for March the Prep children have Wednesdays off so they get used to the school hours. After seeing what he was like tonight after being told he couldn’t play on the puter, he definately needs a rest and maybe a sleep in the afternoon.

As for me. Well I coped, which was more than I thought I would. I admit to coming home and shedding a tear or two for my babies and the fact they are growing up sooooooo fast, then I pulled myself together and went shopping. Groceries first, then clothes (found two shirts on sale) and some jewllery. Three pairs of earrings and a necklace all for $1.87 each. Marked down from $15 (earrings) and $25 (necklace). Funny thing is while I was picking out jewelery I was auditioning it for a role in my crazy quilting rather than how it would look on me. Have I totally lost it I wonder. T-Shirts for Nicola for school next. I bought her size 10 shirts a few weeks ago and they are like a dress on her, size 8 are a better fit – only slightly too big. (Remember she is 10 years old, but so small and skinny. Blame the excema for that as well.) Home for lunch them back down the street again. No I didn’t go cause the house was too quiet, I had more jobs to do. Op Shop next found lots of lovely fabric (nearly 12 metres in all) a shirt for Ashley for work, three lace doileys and a really solid egg flip/biscuit lifter which hopefully Ashley won’t break on me. Guess what happened to the last one. Well we won’t dwell on that – much. Some more groceries I had forgotton in the morning, home for a cuppa with Mum then down to pick up children and hear about their day. Tea, showers and down the supermarket – again!!! forgot to get sugar I want to make apricot jam tomorrow and some tomatoe sauce from tomatoes that were in the freezer.

Now I am enjoying a cuppa and reading blogs. Both a definately well deserved. I must down load the camera and post the photo of my babies in their school finery. Tomorrow……….


2 thoughts on “First Day of School – Over

  1. Take two… Sorry Calidore – why is it that I see the mistakes after I publish the comment… Now I know I have had one glass of wine tonight, but… We will try again… Here is what I wrote…

    You will get use to it Calidore… I remember when E finally went to school the house was very quiet… LOL I came home one morning and switched on Humphrey Bear out of habit…

  2. I’ve done that too Sharon. Isn’t it amazing how you can’t stand kids shows when the kids are watching them, but when they are gone those shows are a comforting bit or normality.

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