Cq Bags

I worked very hard yesterday on the Suffragete coloured bag yesterday – well I did in between cold drinks. It was soooo hot and perfect weather for just sitting and stitching.

CQ Bag 4
I really feel like I could have continued embellishing this bag. Everything just “worked” which was wonderful and the ideas just flowed, but I had to stop sometime and I like the simple nature of the bag – I think too much would have made it very over done.

I added the butterfly to the mid left hand side and some feather stitch “bushes” with french knots just under it. The seam above it had lazy daisy and fly stitch flowers added to the feather stitch. I had some lovely white shiny stranded thread which was just perfect for the flowers. I can’t find a name on the thread which is a pity, cause I would love some more of it. The top left patch had a small posy of a bullion stich rose and buds and some pearls to finish it off. Just under that some more Feather stitch with mauve french knots. The middle right hand side had another feather stitch trail with green bullion stitch roses and white french knots. Can you tell I am really practicing my bullion stitch?…lol. I decided against adding anything to the white lace. It seemed to be enough on its own – simple but elegant.

So now all that remains is to sew it into a bag. I found some lovely white shiny cord with a finer silver cord wrapped around it amongst my treasures that I will use for the bag strap and will use more white satin for the back and the lining. I think this is more an evening type bag than anything else – although I hadn’t planned it to be.

Today being sooooo very hot and muggy, another perfect day for stitching I started on my Ocean Bag which is coming along swimmingly – pardon the pun.

Ocean Bag 1

I have really tried not to have any presconceived notions as to how this should look, but rather go with the flow. I think I have flowed quite well. I have a couple of pictures of sea theme bags that occassionally I refer to for idea, but am trying not to copy them in any way. It is so easy to see someone elses work and think that’s a good idea – I must do that. On this bag I am really trying to do my own thing.

I have done some more since this photo was taken, but will post that one tomorrow when I have a little more time.


6 thoughts on “Cq Bags

  1. Both of these are looking great. I love the seaweed. Is that a thread or a fancy wool. ..and have you individually couched each strand down!

  2. Youe bag looks lovely Calidore… I actually thought the same as the comment it you made – it does flow… The piece has a lovely gentle, smooth and effortless energy about it – perhaps a strange way to describe it but that is how it appeared to me…

  3. Watch that Sharon,calidore;next thing she’ll be asking for fish!!
    Seriously though,I bet you’re feeling really happy with the way your bag is going.It’s great…..the fabrics make it gentle and peacefull the embroidery is soft and flowing.
    The white thread you spoke of:was it stranded or single?Could it have been an Edmar Brazilian thread?

  4. Think you might be right with the rayon thread Maureen. I don’t possess any brazillian thread, unless there was some in the ocean swap and I have no idea what it looks like.

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