Bits and Peices

What a muddled up day I have had. James stayed over night at Mum’s so at least I did the shopping with one less this morning.

The girls and I managed to get all the shopping done (which required a visit to two supermarkets), then home for morning tea and to pick up James. Down to the Post Office (how expensive is it to post a parcel), check the mail (no bills thank goodness) then to the cheap shops. What the kids wanted either weren’t there or too expensive. James bought a toy, only to find when we finally did get home that it didn’t work, so down the street I went again (later) to get his money back. Down to the library, only to have the kids all complain there was nothing there that they liked. For heavens sake, how many books are there in a library?? I found some more light reading.

Would you believe at the moment I am reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series. I found some books in my bookcase that I was given by my cousin when I was about Elise’s age or younger and started to read them because there was nothing else. Now I am hooked – just like all those years ago. So I now have another stack of them to read – bliss.

Home for lunch and cut out an apron for Elise for school this year. It is part of the requirements. No one will pinch it – it is purple with purple and white check bias binding. I was really pleased with it (and so was Elise – fan fare) so at least that is another job done. Just have to cover the rest of her books and she is organised.

Elise had an Optomitrist (sorry can’t spell) appointment at 2pm. Sat for ages waiting, had some tests, drops in her eyes then 20 minutes later another test. End result – could find nothing wrong with her eyes. Good!!! Trouble is she is still complaining that she is getting headaches and seeing spots (like black dots). We are goingto keep a diary of her headaches etc for a couple of weeks, then if necessary go to the Doctor. I think part of it is coming from her neck – she lies in bed in the most awkward positions propped up on pillows to read, or it could be from how she sits at the computer. Either way a diary might help pinpoint the problem times.

Home again to start the housework that I hadn’t had a chance to earlier.

Tomorrow – We Cook!!! I don’t care if it is 38 degrees, the freezer is empty of all those little things they like to take for school lunches and snacks, and I am rapdily running out of time to get organised.

Just think – this time (8.00 pm) next week they will be sound asleep in bed worn out from their first day back at school. Ohhh I wonder what I will achieve next Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “Bits and Peices

  1. LOL Calidore you make me tired just reading what you do… I think I am having a productive day if I get the washing done, bed made, meals cooked and a little stitching… I think I would make a good ghost… I seem to waft from room to room and not actually do anything except annoy who ever is there – especially the cat…

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only adult Enid Blyton reader. Tidying in the attic I found my childhood books and got hooked on the Sea of Adventure and then had to read the others! I did feel this was something I should keep to myself! Grin

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