Bag Progress

I told Ashley I wasn’t going on the puter for at least two days, after spending all that time fiddling around with my blog. He didn’t beleive me, which is a good thing, cause look – I’m here!!!

Actually I wanted to post a picture of the work on my CQ bag.
CQ Bag 3
I am really pleased with how this is coming together.

The bead and button cluster was first. I sewed on the buttons, then did the feather stitch leaves then the beads. Probably most would do the leaves first, but I didn’t know how big to do the button area. Still it worked.

Next was the fly stich along the seam (top right hand corner) with bead “flowers” and french knot flowers. I kept thinking I wanted to do something all over the white satin to give a textured look, but everything I tried didn’t seem to work, so in the end I decided on this. I am pleased with it – it’s nice and simple.

The wavy feather stitch at the bottom was easy. Those templates I purchased a while ago came in very handy for the wavy line. Just drew it on with pencil then stitched over the top. The butterflies are lazy daisy stitch with button stitch bodies. The flowers straight stitch and there are french knots as well.

I am not sure if I am going to do any more on the feather stitch (middle left hand side). I think I will do some other seams then decide.

This bag is turning out to be quite eveningish. I have only used after five fabrics – mainly satins which is unusual for me. Generally I work in cottons – probably cause I have so many of them and there are generally quite a few patterned ones in each project. Never too sure why, probably because I want to use them up, they are favorites, or I think they will fill up a block. It is a nice change to have only plain fabrics and to have to think about which stitch to use as it will be the highlight, not the fabric.


3 thoughts on “Bag Progress

  1. I absolutely love your work. Wish I could do something creative like this. You accomplish things while I am just thinking!! Your CQ bag is gorgeous!!!

  2. This bag is looking lovely. I relly like the bottun cluster. I just bought some buttons, so I give this a try.

    I know what you mean about the Famous Five books. They’re gret aren’t they! and Secret Seven, and Trixie Beldon was another series I used to LOVE reading. I don’t thing kids read so much anymore. I’d take a book over a movie anytime.

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