A New Look

I have spent the last three days fiddling around with a test blog I set up to trial templates for this blog. I know it’s probably a round about way of doing it, but I was terrified I would stuff this one up completely and have no blog at all.

So finally this is the end product – which is just a blogger template that you were able to choose when first setting up your blog. I was soooooo sick of green!!! I have looked at countless blog templates from all over the web, and anytime I did find something I liked, it wouldn’t work. Lets face it, reading Ancient Greek would be easier than reading html in my humble opinion.

If there are any problems please let me know, not sure if I can fix them, but as I haven’t stuffed around with the template too much, they should be fixable. I hope!!! I just hope the type is easy to read – cause I don’t know about anyone else, buy my eyes just can’t read that small stuff anymore – probably has something to do with getting old…lol.

I still can’t work out how you post photos to the sidebar. I know it’s probably easy, just not for me. (Are you feeling sorry for me yet…..vbg)

Anyway enjoy, the content, that is my ramblings, as it won’t have changed, just the look. I seriously think half the problem is I have such big posts and they seem to go on forever. Could it be I talk too much?

Right, off this post before it becomes and epic journey too.


4 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. This looks great. The san serif font is nice and clear and the colours are relaxing and easy on the eye. I agree with the html but I have learned to tweak the template on a bit of a trial and error basis although I would like to be able to do more tweaking. The secret is to keep a copy of your template. I copy it and keep it, with date, in Word. This covers any mistakes you make while tweaking. As well, I have had my template just disappear in part – which Blogger knows happens sometimes but can’t explain. The other thing about keeping a copy of your template is that when you add stuff you can copy it back in easily.

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