Birthday Thanks

Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes and cyber hugs that came my way yesterday. To think that twelve months ago I didn’t know any of you, well apart from Chloe, and now I consider you all to be the very best of friends. What a small world it turns out to be.

I had the nicest day yesterday. For once I just let the day flow as it would with no direction from me. Not an easy thing to do I’ll have you know – the control freak in me wants things a certain way, and we all know that just doesn’t happen in real life. Yesterday I just let go and it was wonderful.

Breakfast in bed, two slices of toast and two, I repeat TWO, cups of tea. Bliss. Ashley gave me a lovely card, after the expensive christmas present I told him he didn’t need to buy me anthing for my birthday. Elise gave me a lovely fat historical romance set in the french revolution, some scrapbooking stickers and a beautiful card which she had made herself. Nicola gave me a lovely big silver tea pot (my old one which Elise gave last year for my birthday is falling apart – literally. Shows how many cuppas I have doesn’t it.) and a tea cosy to fit it which Mum had knitted. James gave me a tea pot stand and some tea towels which I desperately needed. I loathe the linen ones and that’s all I seem to have, but these are the wonderful terry towling kind. Very useful and really pretty. Have to admit my first thought when I saw them was, gosh they would make great bags. I think I’m losing the plot big time!!! My sister and her family gave me some scrapbooking stickers and some small containers for my beads and bits and bobs and Mum gave me some sealable containers with the cutest cows on them, a wooden doll she had painted and a wooden scissors holder. All lovely presents and all very useful and very much needed.

Up to Mum’s for morning tea to find Elise had made me a chocolate cake (my favorite) and decorated it with just supervision from Mum. Lovely.

Tea was wonderful, the pizza must have been good there are only three small slices left…lol. And my plum pudding is out of this world, I really must post the recipie sometime.

So that was it, a very relaxing day spent with those who love me most. Just what I needed.

I hope your day was as good.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Thanks

  1. I was thinking about you, and wondering how your day was panning out. Thanks for letting us know how it went…it sounds truly delightful ~ you deserve it all! What a lovely family 🙂

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