Time – Where did it go?

I am having another one of THOSE days where I plan heaps, but acheive little which is really starting to annoy me.

This morning Nicola had a hair appointment at 10 am, ripper I thought plenty of time to get the washing done, clean the kitchen and put on my face before going down the street. If I’m lucky might even get time to do my hair – just joking…lol. Well the kitchen was cleaned, while I stacked the dishwasher and sorted out fighting kids. The washing was put on hold until after the hair dressers – may as well wash everthing in one go, and I sort of got my face on and my hair done.

Elise was cutting up some bits of fabric for me, I want to try the confetti method that Maureen has been experimenting with. I now have a container full of bits and peices, all cottons but must remember to throw in some fancy wools and even some buttons. I kept being distacted by what she was doing and then got her to draft up a bag pattern I want to try out of newspaper so I could see what size and shape it would eventually be, the theory being that I can use the confetti fabric for the bag. See killing two birds with one stone or at least trying to. All of a sudden it was time to nip down the street for the hair appointment. I did manage to get some more thread for my quilt and some wedding tulle in cream for the confetti fabric while I was fiddling around and for once Nicola didn’t whinge about how her hair was cut.

Home to do the washing and read some blogs only to find blogger was playing up on me – darn.

Yesterday I sewed another eight blocks together for my quilt, and today and have two seams to go and another eight are finished. I tend to sew quilt blocks together in groups of six or eight blocks at a time, especially when I am doing a large quilt. That way if I stuff anything up, I don’t have to unpick all quilts blocks, just the ones in that batch. Beleive me it has happened before – I learn from experience.

Ohhh I almost forgot – on the TOMATOE front. I picked two, count them 2, lovely pinkish tomatoes which are now ripening nicely on my kitchen bench. All the others are still green but hopefully will begin to turn soon. Thank you Alice for looking up your books. There are plenty of leaves, but with it being so hot, I think the plants need them for protection. Also they haven’t had any fertilizer apart from the sheep manure that was dug into the ground long before they were planted. Maybe it was just that we planted them sooooooo late that they are taking their time.

The other best bit of yesterday was that we did get another vegetable bed weeded and tonight, all being well, will move some compost around and perhaps pull a few more weeds. Would have acheived even more last night, but one of the school chooks that we are chook sitting was missing. She likes to explore in the vegie patch (why mine haven’t told her that is the fastest way to end up in the oven I don’t know) and went into hiding under a bush. Ashley got Ajax to go and find her, which he did, latching on to her wing and not wanting to let go. Feathers were flying every where and Madam Chook was boosted over the fence by a very annoyed Ashley and Ajax was in disgrace. Not sure Ajax was terribly worried though – he enjoys the chase and all that noise that the chooks make when he cathes them is part of the fun.

Right must go. Time to put a quiche in the oven for tea, cook a cake at the same time, bring in the washing and fold it. Ignore the ironing basket which is over flowing and if I’m lucky get the last two seams of my quilt blocks done. Ohh good grief haven’t a hope of being that organised – are Party Pies considered being a balanced meal????

PS Forgot to add, opened a bag of bread flour today (which I had purchased yesterday while shopping) to make another batch of bread only to find it had all sorts of cobwebby things inside the package. What I thought where parts of the multigrain mix were in fact small green caterpillary type things – that were WIGGLING!!! uck! Back to the supermarket and got my money back. Another 20 mintues wasted from my day. Ahhhhh!


5 thoughts on “Time – Where did it go?

  1. Trust me Chloe, when they were wiggling I recognised them….lol.

    Check out Maureens site Shelly – she has some good directions. I’m new to it too, but always up for a challenge. Just click on the link.

  2. I know you said it was a new bag of mix/flour Catherine,but try putting a couple of(dried) bayleaves in the container you store it in —helps keep the nasties at bay! πŸ™‚
    Or get Ashley to buy a BIGGER ‘frig
    and store your flour,rice,oatmeal etc there.(SORRY Ashley!)

  3. Would you beleive we had a big fridge Maureen and sold it to have a smaller fridge freezer conbination. I have a huge sealed bin that the other flour goes in and have never had a problem. Just not sure how long this multigrain bread was sitting on the supermarket shelf for. Still gives me the creeps when I think of it.

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