Quilting and Life

Thank you for your comments and support regarding my recent post about family problems. I hesitated before posting the original message, but Ashley read it first and said it was fine. To use his words, get it off your chest then you can be at peace with what happened. And he was right.

To give a little background. I have one sister Yvonne who lives in the Northern Territory with her husband and two girls. There was a time when we didn’t have a lot in common and barely communicated, but she has discovered they joys of patchwork (vbg) and we now have a common interest. Between you and me I am trying to get her hooked on Crazy Quilting. I send her emails with links to lots of eye candy and blogs and every now and then a squishie full of bits and peices to bait the hook. I am slowly reeling her in, time will tell if she takes the bait. Now she will send me an email – which may not be all that polite…lol. Hi Sis – waving cheekily.

Ashley has two sisters who are four months younger than him. Now I can see you are all scratching yours heads at that bit. Ashley is adopted, the girls are their parents biological children. One sister F. and her husband B. live at Patchewollock about 1 1/2 hours from us. We have had our differences in the past, but have worked out way through them. Now as F. says if I’m being a pain in the behind she ignores me, and if I think she is being a pain then I tell her. It works for us…lol. B. and I get on very well, we have similar sences of humor which I think helps and they both get along very, very well with Ashley. Their children and ours are all similar in ages and play together with no fighting which is wonderful. When we go to their farm, we see the children for meals and that’s it, they are too busy exploring to be bothered with the oldies.

The other sister J. and her husband J. live in Swan Hill. If we stood on our roof with a large sling shot we could put a brick through their front window which shoud give you some idea of how close they live. It is this set of In-laws that we have had troubles with, but hopefully they will now be resolved. At least we are talking.

Ashley and I had planned to go to Halls Gap this March holidays to have some down time and do some four wheel driving. We have, in an effort to get the siblings and their partners together in the hope of finding a common interest and finding a way to comminicate, invited both F. and J., husbands and children to Halls Gap for the weekend. Whether they all go is another matter, but we can hope.

And so that is enough on that subject.

I did manage to get all the peices for the quilt for my bed cut out last night. What a huge job. I can’t even post a photo cause it is from a quilting magazine and I think I would be breaking copyright, so you will have to wait and see. If you happen to have a copy of Australian Patchwork and Quilting Vol 3 No 2 look at the “Rose Garden Trellis” quilt and that is what I am attempting to make. After I had cut it all out, then I sewed a test block. I know, I know I should have done that first to make sure it all worked, but since when have I ever done anything the easy way?

The Ocean Doll is on hold for a few more days. I need Ashley to make me a “rock” from wood, then Mum to paint it before I want to start sewing the doll together and finishing it. There has been a lot of discussion between Mum and myself as to the best way to make a stand for the doll. I want to put a peice of dowel right up the middle of the doll and stuff around it, so there is a fair bit of support. All that beading is quite heavy and I’m not sure I can stuff it firmly enough to stand on its own. The dowel will go into the rock, so she doesn’t look like she is perched like a pimple on a pumkin and to provide a solid base which will keep her upright. Mum also suggested that I should make her a tail and turn her into a mermaid. Must admit I hadn’t thought along those lines so that is something else to explore.

I also want/need to make some more bags. A small one for my MP3 player when I go for a walk during the time the kids are at school. I think this will be ocean themed – cause I have lots of bits and peices left over fro mthe doll. It is definately time for some more exercise. When we went out for tea Saturday night (courtesy of Mum and Maurie for my Birthday) of course I didn’t have a bag that was the right colour or size for what I was wearing. So you see the need for more bags….lol.

Ok I’m off to start sewing this quilt. Fingers crossed that it works and that it will actually fit on the bed when it is all done.


2 thoughts on “Quilting and Life

  1. Birthday Tea on Saturday night? I know maths is not my strong point but I thought your birthday was Jan 20? Am I right? Of course, you could have been just having an early dinner, sort of like an entree?

    Anyway, I hope you had a lovely birthday dinner, and that you’ll have an even better one when it’s your real birthday.

  2. Actually my Birthday is on Thursday, Jan 19 Alice. Tea was organised for Sat night because it suited everyone better with work and so on. It was nice too. At the RSL Club, which Ashley and I hadn’t been to before. A lovely meal and very reasonably priced which made it even better. Even the kids enjoyed themselves – always a bonus.

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