Embroidery Finished

If I was going to acheive nothing else today I was going to finish the embroidery and embellishing on my Ocean Doll – and achieve it I did.

This is the top of the previous photos I had posted. I think it will also become the front of the doll. For a short while I toyed with the idea of making two dolls – fancy fronts and plain backs, but have abandonded the idea. I like this peice much more than the other.
Seatheme Doll 4A

This is the entire “front”. I may need to add more once it is all sewn together into the doll, but will wait and make a decision when that happens.
Seatheme Doll 4

The back side of the doll…
Seatheme Doll 5
I am reasonable pleased with it. Again it may be necessary to sew on more beads etc once it is sewn together.

They are definately different to what I originally started with – two naked blocks.
This is a semi naked view of the blocks.
Seatheme Doll
I was sure I had taken one from when there was no embroidery, but goodness knows where that has gone.

Right off to clean up the sewing room, then make a start of the pile of mending that is threatening to topple over on me. Not sure when I will get these sewn into a doll or even finished, but am aiming for sooner, rather than later. I am aiming to get lots of UFO’s finished this year.

3 thoughts on “Embroidery Finished

  1. They’ve turned out well Catherine!
    They certaqinly have a “sea flavour”!
    Are you going to add a face(do you have ,or want one? You know where I live if you do)

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