Weather and Vegies

I have to say that you don’t need tempreture conversion to know that yesterday was bloody HOT!!! According to the weather presenters on TV it was 44 here in sunny Swan Hill. Our temp guage (which is in the shade I might add) registered 45 and and Italian Gentleman whose house Ashley was working at yesterday at around 2 pm said his guage was reading 47. No wonder our airconditioner was struggling. I normally walk around with a jumper on inside (cause I get too cold while everyone else thinks it’s fine), yesterday I didn’t need that jumper.

This morning and last night we had rain. Not big fat juicy drops, they were slightly on the thin side, but they were steady and at least the dust is washed off the garden and the footpaths. This afternoon the sun is out again and it is beginning to get muggy.

Hopefully soon our tomatoes will start ripening. Surely the rain will boost them along. The bushes have a very respectable number of fruits on each, they are just all green. Lucky Chloe to be able to put some in the freezer. I have been picking zucchini and lettuces (a butter one which is absolultely delicious) and even picked some corn cobs which the children can’t wait to have. There is a four litre icecream container of beans in the freezer already. I thought I would get more, but the heat really knocked them around despite being on dripper irriagation. I must put in some more seeds and hopefully will get another crop before the frosts come.

The grape vine is so loaded with grapes they are starting to drag on the ground and Ashley has had to tighten the wires they are on. Considering that we only moved this vine last winter it has done remarkably. The four years it was in its old position there was never any sign of a grape, let alone the amount of leaves and vines it has now. Just goes to show you can move anything if you are careful. The onions are out of the ground and in a box in the freezer – there are a few that are going to seed, so will leave them for a bit longer so I have seed for next years crop.

Our potatoes were a disappointment. Does anyone have any tips on growing them in tyres? We put compost in the bottom tyre, planted the potatoes (3 to 4 in each) covered them with more compost, then as they grew tucked straw in and around them reasonably tightly. Each potatoe stack got to four tyres high. They were reguarly watered but at the most we only got what we planted in seed potatoes back. Should we have been putting dirt in each tyre as they grew or should they have been planted in more compost at the beginning? I’m sure I saw Peter Cundall on Gardening Australia just lay the potatoes on top of straw and put more over the top and they grew. Just not sure what we are doing wrong.

Today was clean the house, bake sausage rolls and rescue the gecko (small lizard) that was hiding in James room day. He (James) came out screaming there was a lizard in his room and he (James – again) needed rescueing. So guess who was the lucky soul who got to save the lizard which was a whole 4 inches long – ME – the one who just loves reptilian creatures…lol. Peace restored, James rapidly cleaned up the rest of his room just to see if there were any more lizards hiding in there – there wasn’t I am pleased to announce.

I hope you day has been much less eventful than mine.

PS Ashley has just announced he is taking me out for tea for our wedding anniversary. Ohhh lovely a meal I don’t have to cook and Mum has kindly said she will babysit. Ahh a couple of hours of adult conversation – heaven.


5 thoughts on “Weather and Vegies

  1. sounds like you had a busy day. I never had any luck with growing potatoes in straw or hay either. I went back to putting dirt in the tires and got lots of potatoes. As for music go to: and on the lefthand side click on goodie room once there scroll to the right and click on the boombox (stereo) and it will take you to the music. copy and paste the one you want to your template near the end and you will have music

  2. Never been one to grow them in tyres – I hear there are nasty chemicals in the rubber.

    You may not produce enough for a family your size by my method, but if you want to try it, go to a country tip, pick up a few corrugated iron tanks and cut across them and run a similar process, but with sweeds, soil and seed potatoes. Now I get enough small ones to throw into the next tank, and with three tanks running, I get several crops a year.

    I had a fair post about them at

    I thought I had a later picture, but cannot find it

  3. Thanks Peggy for the music addy, I shall have a look and see what I can find.

    Thanks also for the potatoe tip Chloe, must look up your post. Anything has to be better than what we are doing. We used the typres cause there are lots here – just the thing to put around seedling trees. We see them and therefore don’t mow over them…lol.

  4. Sounds like you’re enjoying Melbourne weather. I remember when we lived there (when I was 7) it would be stinking hot one day and raining and muggy the next.

    Shame about the potatoes. I thought that was how you were supposed to do it as well so I can’t offer any advice. I’ll track back to see if others have better solutions though I like Chloe’s.

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