14 Years Today

Today is our Wedding Anniversary. We were married on the 11 January 1992 in the Swan Hill Uniting Church, the same church my parents were married in.

My sister was unfornately not able to be part of the wedding party – she was in Queensland at the time and couldn’t come home so there was a mad rush at the last minute to find another bridesmaid – we already had our two groomsmen and had to even up the numbers.

Don’t you just love the car – it is one of our Groomsmens (the bearded one) and he still has it. We were very priviledged to be allowed to borrow it for our big day.

I have to admit my wedding wasn’t the one of my dreams though.

I definately married the right man – he is all I need and more in a life partner and is a wonderful father to our children a hard worker and even lets some of my more outrageous ideas for the garden come to fruition.

We were married three months after becoming engaged – we had been going out together for three years so figured that a long engagement was fairly pointless. Mum was horrified – she wondered how we would ever get organised in time, but we were. Having such a short engagement meant that there were sacrifices to be made. We didn’t have a full sit down meal – just afternoon tea – there was no way, even with a long engagement we would have been able to afford it. Which should have been lovely and the food was. Unfortunately what we didn’t realise was that while my family socialises and mingles at these kinds of events, Ashley’s doesn’t. Our reception was in the Anglican Hall, which is more than big enough for the eighty guests we had invited, however they all sat on chairs around the all and no one mingled despite our best efforts. So to talk to everyone we did a circuit around the hall – literally.

In the end, we cut the cake, said our goodbyes and escaped on our honeymoon. Which was to Ballarat where we stayed in a cabin at a caravan park – well the budget was extremely tight by that stage. The second day we were we decided to do some window shopping (at that stage there was no opening of shops on a Sunday). Who should we see but an ex boyfriend of mine and his new wife (they had only been married a few months) walking down the other side of the street. We all said hello and kept going.

Ohh and the cake. Mum and I had never baked a fruit cake that big before but we had a go. We borrowed a pan (twice the normal cake pan size) mixed up everything and started cooking it. After 5 or 6 hours we figured it had to be done. It wasn’t!!!! A couple of days later we started making another cake, the wind blew, flipped the page over in the cook book and I ended up adding twice the butter and only half the sugar without realising my mistake – we were under pressure by then. Again it went into the oven, part way through the cooking the butter started dripping into the oven. Finally, in desperation, Mum went down to the local bakers and bought their very last Christmas cake. I had a square cake with two corners cut off – my father ate some of that bakery cake and ended up all night with a stomach ache. My cousin decorated the (bakery) cake – which was stunning and we cut iton the day, however the one the guests were given to take home was the first cake we made, which was still raw in the centre. Maria iced the outside and we cut that up. Eleven months to the day, when Ashley and I were in the process of moving to Boys Street, Mum and I were cleaning up and we discovered the fully decorated wedding cake, still with knife cut in it, still perfect in everyway. Not even the ants had touched it.

So despite that slightly rocky start, and now I can smile at everything that did happen, we have made it to the 14 year mark – which to us is something we are incredibly proud of. Little did we know on that day in 1992 what we would face together – triumphs and stuggles, illness, celebrations, loss of loved ones and the joy that our children have brought to our lives.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.



8 thoughts on “14 Years Today

  1. Dear Catherine and Ashley ~ Congratulations on your 14th Wedding Anniversay…wishing you a lovely day and evening, and here’s cheers to a lifetime of happiness.
    Love, Kali xx

  2. Oh, you look so young…but isn’t that always the way. Our photos make us look too young to be married. Least that’s what I think!

    Hope you’ve had a wonderfully romantic day!

  3. Dear Catherine and Ashley – Congratulations on 14 years of marriage. Your love and devotion are a wonderful example to your treasured family.

    I hope you had a lovely celebration dinner. May the next fourteen years be just as wonderful, if not quite as eventful.

  4. Catherine – the story of your wedding cake brought back some memories. My aunty made a three-tiered cake and another friend iced it. We didn’t use the top tier so decided to keep it for the Christening of our first child. So, 2 and a half years later, at the celebration of ShellyC’s Christening, we opened the box in which I had sealed the cake. Alas, not sealed quite well enough as the cake had actually fermented. Mum dug a hole in the ground down past the chook yard and buried the cake – she didn’t want the chooks to eat it in case they got drunk!

  5. How did I miss this posting!!
    Catherine your birthday is 3 days after Ken;s birthday.We were married Jan 28 1961 after a five month’s engagement…..a no-no back in the 60s.
    Our 45 anniversary is in a couple of weeks…as my dad used to say “maybe more hiss than bliss” but the BEST “I do,I will” I ever did!
    God bless and best wishes for another 14 by 3 years to you both.

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