School Supplies

I am beginning to feel like I am running a Stationary Shop. The girls and I did the shopping this morning, funny how we run out of food on a regualar basis, and picked up some more school supplies as we did the rounds of the supermarket.

Every year I am sure it is more and more expensive to send children to school. So far I have bought (and this is by no means a comprehensive list) glue sticks, HB Pencils, Pens – blue, black and red, coloured pencils, textas, sharpeners, erasers, reinforced refill paper, graph paper, excercise books, A3 drawing books, A4 folders, pencil cases, school bags, tissues and the list goes on. So much for free public education!! The kids are really good and recycle as much as they can, but after a busy year at school – lets face it most stuff is worn out or totally used up.

We decided that today was the day for sorting out what everyone needed, labelling it and putting it in the respective school bags. The ENTIRE kitchen table was full of books and folders and other sundry bits and peices, but at least it is now done and apart from picking up the text books that Elise needs next week, I think we have everything.

Thank heavens Nicola still fits into her school uniforms (actually I think she is still wearing the shorts I made her in Preps – she will be Grade 4 this year – I must make good clothes…hehehehe) and I only had to buy her a couple of Tshirts. James was given a heap of shorts and some shirts so it was only a few bits and peices that we needed like a school hat and socks and I must remember to get him some more jocks – the kind that doesn’t fall down…lol. After all he can’t run around the school yard holding them up all day like he has been here. I’m such a good mother – groan. Elise was given some uniforms by a friend – dresses and windcheaters so that was another problem solved. We had to buy white underwear for her as the dresses are blue and white check – the white being the biggest component so guess how much coloured stuff shows. Shoes were purchased while we were in Warnambool so at least I didn’t need to fight the other mothers in the shoe shops.

I know that we have saved heaps, although looking at my purse you won’t know it. I worked out what it would have cost me to send Elise to High School if I had to buy everything new – uniforms, books etc – there wouldn’t have been a lot of change out of $500.00 . Thanks heavens for generous friends and the fact that we found calculators, mathomats and folders from when Ashley and I were at school. Which says a lot about how much we hoard stuff.

Ohh I think I need a nice lie down and a cuppa.


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