Stitching and Housework

I have been working some more on my Ocean Doll. The weather is far to hot and muggy to enjoy spending anytime outside, so I have been stitching – guilt free…lol.

Seatheme Doll 3

Yesterdays effort was to create a Seahorse from a small diagram that I received in the ocean Swap I was in some months ago. I reduced it slightly, traced in on and used varigated wool thread that was also included in the Swap. I think he turned put pretty well. I was trying to pull some of the colours from lower in the block up towards the top.

I also created the bead and button cluster. Now I admit I am not good at these things. For some reason, while I start with good intentions, they generally end up being fairly wonky and not at all what I want, but this one worked. Surprise, surprise!

I fianlly gave up stitching last night (well I had been at it in dribs and drabs all day) when I dropped a lid full of pale mauve seed beads on the lounge room carpet and had to spend 10 mins trying to pick them all up. Our carpet just has to be a greeny gray and they blended in very well. I keep thinking I have them all, when I find another one stuck to my foot.

So in desperation I moved everything from the small round table, where it had been in imminent danger of falling off, to the sewing room where it is now nicely spread out. Where do other people do their stitching? Do they have a sewing room, or do they prefer a chair in the lounge room? I felt that I should be stitching in the lounge, so I was near the family, but if the truth is to be told, I don’t think they even know that I am there, they are all so busy doing their own thing. As the sewing room is off the lounge room (there is a double doorway leading from one to the other) I don’t think I am really cut off from them all.

Sewing Room - After the Cleanup
I was standing in the double door way when I took this photo. Behind me is the lounge room and to the right the dining room and kitchen.

Today is also the first day, since the holidays started, that I feel in control of the house, instead of the other way round. Which isn’t bad considering I didn’t wake up until 8.30 this morning and had a hairdressers appointment at 9 am. Talk about a rush. I was home by 10 am, all my jobs done, put on a load of washing and cleaned the kitchen. James and Nicola are doing 10 mins of lessons each day until school goes back. Elise is supervising James who needs to learn how to hold the pencil correctly and learn how to write his letters (he knows them to look at just not to write). Nicola has to read out loud as she often misinterperates or makes up words as she goes along. Anyway while Nicola was reading, I did the ironing. Having “Geronimo Stilton – Four Mice Deep In The Jungle” read to you while you iron is very relaxing I have discovered. The kids really enjoyed this time, they get bored without the constant mental stimulation that school offers, and I am afraid I’m not that good a mother to have all sorts of activities planned for the holdiays. Plus I think they need a rest and some time to unwind and relax.

So now I’m off to rest and relax with a cuppa and some more stitching. It is becoming quite addictive – again!


3 thoughts on “Stitching and Housework

  1. I can always give you more instructions for sea critters if you want them!
    I look forward to seeing your sea doll finished.nothing wrong with the button,bead shell cluster either.
    I know it’s hard to do with an active family underfoot,but relax,enjoy and stay guilt free!

  2. Thank You Peggy. Showed Ashley the recipie, he thinks it looks and sound good too.

    Might take you up on your offer for more sea creatures Maureen – I have a couple more projects I want to try. So pleased you like the button and shell cluster, nothing like letting your hair down and stitching to your hearts content….lol.

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