Another Find

While down the street the other day, I found these in one of the cheap shops.

Now I wasn’t going to spend any money (they were a whole $3.00 each), but couldn’t resist them. Months ago Sharon B. talked about some templates she was trialling that you use for crazy quilting. The idea being that you used them to mark seams on a crazy quilt block before embroidering and embellishing so that your stitches (will hopefully) look uniform. They are also a fantastic way to combine stitches and embellishments when you are stumped for inspiration.

Now I would never presume to say that these are better than the ones Sharon is trialling, far from it (they are on my wish list), these will be an acceptable substitute for the time being. They are originally for scrapbooking and I thought worth trying. I am notorious for starting off a wave and having it a perfect size at one end and a tidal wave size at the other, that is despite marking it out in the first place using – what else – but a coin. Time will tell if these templates help me.


6 thoughts on “Another Find

  1. Those are very pretty! I’m hurrying by…I’m supposed to be in bed, I haven’t been blogging much this week and am trying to make up for it little by little today. We are emptying out the garage…its to be remodeled into an all purpose room and what alot of work!!!

  2. They look great – I am off to check out both go-lo and the warehouse – although Carols templates are great they are not really for little motifs and the like

  3. Okey dokey – finally found the stencils, same price, same place, but I have the one on the left and a different one. Wouldn’t mind the one on the right if there are any left there.

    I’ll go back down and look, but it might be a case of “do you want this other one I got – can we do a swap???”

    I’ll go and put my two on my blog. šŸ™‚

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