Answering Questions

I started to reply to Ms Robyns questions in the comments section – then decided that it would be easier and possibly more informative to answer them here instead.

Ms Robyns questions were: “first you say we have water tonight. what do you mean by that? “

By water I mean it is our turn to water. We have a 4 megalitre water right that came with this block of land. It was the main reason that we purchased it in the first place. You can’t have a garden of the size I dreamed of without water – well actually I supose you can, but you would struggle in our part of the world. We are part of a syndicate in which each member has a 12 hour watering period once a week to water in. We have one meeting a year to work out the roster and sort out any hassels and thats it. Pretty good stuff!! When my Grandmother died, 7 years ago this February, she left me some money. After a lot of debate Ashley and I decided to put it towards the watering system that we use. It was a big decision and a lot of money, even with us doing all the work. The entire block, including Mum’s yard, is under pop up sprinklers, drippers and sprays. Every tree on our land has it’s own dripper (when you consider there are probably 500 trees, that’s a lot of drippers), the main garden beds are under spray irrigation (although I think drippers may be a better choice at times). The system we use means the whole garden can be watered at once – no shifting sprinklers and we know each plant is getting an adequate amount of water. The only maintainence (there is always maintainence) is to clean the ants out of the drippers occasionally and to clean the filters in the popups. That’s it!! Too Easy!! We water for approx 3 to 4 hours once a week – which could equal 100,000 litres plus – a lot of water whichever way you look at it. The plants (unless we have had a period of 40 degree days for days at a time) don’t get any other supplementary watering. If they need it, then we run a pump at the dam and put that water through the watering system. The pump won’t run the pop ups in the lawn, but it will run the drippers and sprays and some sprinklers which I just move as I need to. I think Grandma would have approved of how we spent her money – she was a passionate gardener (guess where I get my greenthumb from) and loved to spend time in the garden – pottering. I must have a hunt for some photos to show you the massive job it was to put in the watering system.

“The zucchini muffin recipe – would you share?”

The recipe I mentioned in yesterdays post is just Zucchini slice mix baked in muffin tins – zucchinis, eggs, oil, flour, bacon, cheese, onion. Just make sure the muffin tins are very well greased or lined with baking paper or even the paper patty pans otherwise they will stick. If this is any different to yours please let me know and I will post it. They freeze really well and are terrific with soup. Did you know you can also just grate zucchini and place it in plastic bags and freeze it. No other preperation needed – just defrost it when you need it and bake as normal. Makes it easy when you are sick of zucchini slice – but crave it in the middle of winter….lol.

As for my birthday – groan – 19th January. Yes I am another Capricorn. Goodness January must have been a good month when you consider Ms Robyn, Alice and I are all born in that month. Just goes to show you can’t have too much of a good thing…..vvbg. (smiling happily at that thought)

I must say thank you to Alice for your kind comments – quite made my day. I think I shall have trouble getting out of the office with my very swelled head.
Note to self – leave computer on, with comments page on screen, so family can see someone appreciates me. It’s been one of those days!!!


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