Acheiving things

I thought I should post some photos just to prove that I have been achieving some things despite the heat.

I have been busy scrapbooking an album of our holidays in Warnambool. It was sooo hard to try to pick which photos to use. Not that I’m a fantastic photographer, just I love ALL the photos of my family. Anyway here is one page…..Ashley flying his model aeroplane at Levy’s Point Beach. He stood at the top of the sand hill, the kids ran up and down, and I lazed at the bottom. Occasionally he would come down the sand hill, not to visit me, but to do some running repairs to the plane.

These are some embellishments that I picked up on ebay recently. The scanner had given them some strange colours for some reason. They are the shinest silver and very dimensional and seem to be a very good quality. The flowers are at least .5 cm high, the butterflies wings not quite that. At first I bought them for my scrapbooking, but think they would be much nicer in some cq. Trying looking under scrapbooking embellishments if you want some different stuff for you cq. These (2 butterflies and six flowers) were less than $4.00. A bargain I thought.

Yesterday I pulled out my Ocean Doll that has been languishing on a shelf for some months. This is where I am up to at the moment. There still isn’t a definate front or back, I will make a decision when all the embellishing and embroidery is finished.
Seatheme Doll

I find it really difficult to “let go” when it comes to cq, even though I enjoy it immensly. If there is a secret to just letting go of all those preconceived notions, please share. I have decided that I shall just sew what I feel like, when I feel like instead of trying to “plan” it. My biggest problem is that I get caught doing the same stitch over and over again – particularly feather stitch – I love it. I know that there are endless variations you can do, but I get quite stuck. Part of the letting go problem I guess. Could be the control freak in me too….sigh. Also either the seams get lots of treatment and the middle of the blocks ignorned, or it is the other way round. Practice makes perfect I guess. I get so much inspiration from Sharon B, Chloe and Maureen’s blogs that you would think it would be easy wouldn’t you? Not so.

Never mind – off to practice some more.


4 thoughts on “Acheiving things

  1. Yes you definitely have been a busy little worker..looking good.
    I really like the look of your crazy quilting fabrics (the colours and textures..oohhh).
    Also found the hint on freezing grated zucchini very handy. I will be giving that one a go.

  2. Oh, I like your scrap book page. Simple but effective.
    I think you should ‘let go’ and just do feather stitch and know that it’s alright. I love this stitch too. It is always the first one I do on a block

  3. You tickle me. The way you write is surely the way you talk in person. What a kick you would be to visit face to face.

    Had to play catch up. I had 4 of your posts to read. See what happens when you’re offline for one afternoon???

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