Blogs, Dogs and Life

So far today has been a snakeless day thank goodness. I admit that there nerves are still a bit jangly (if there is such a word) and I did have some trouble sleeping last night. Whenever I go outside I find myself exaiming the ground even more for reptilian visitors. This morning the children and I went shopping – not an activity that generally causes a state of relaxation in their mother….lol. We left Cleo (my dog, who has just turned 14) outside – I think she is finding the airconditioner a bit hard to take at times, the arthritis is setting in slowly and her joints are starting to stiffen up. When we got home she wasn’t at the back door as is her habit. A quick search of the garden and I admit I started to panic just a tad, imagining the worst. Fortunately Mum came up with her dog, and Sally, in her ongoing exploration of my garden, found Cleo who was having a quiet doze under a bush. If the look on Cleo’s face was any indication, she didn’t appreciate being disturbed.

I have been contimplating the direction of this blog in spare moments of calm. I mainly started it to motivate myself in the garden – and to a point it has done that. I was also mainly going to document my garden and its progress, and again I think I have done that. Certainly I am not good a documenting anything, the state of my photograph collection should be ample evidence of that, but I feel the making of a garden is important, a statement if you will, that I was here and made my mark on this land.

Then I started to include bits and peices of my family life and my sewing. Certainly they are also an important part of “me” that needs documenting as well. All of a sudden other parts of my life started creeping in such as snakes and the like, and there you have it, a definate Rambling of Calidore’s days.

I have, at times, also contemplated changing the name of my blog perhaps to something that would give more of an idea of me – but to be honest I think Calidore’s Garden Ramblings does describe me.

While I would love to be methodolical in my documenting of all I do (there is definate envy at the way Chloe goes about it all) and I would love to garden the way Alice does (more envy) I fear it just isn’t in me. There is something in my make up that says – try anything (well apart from snakes) at least once. Experimentation and trial and error seem to be my way of experiencing life. I sometimes think the epitath on my gravestone should read something along the lines of “She tried everything – the pile of UFO’s that are left are testiment to that, but she enjoyed the trying”.

I must admit though I am enjoying the journey of blogging and the many friends I have made. I still receive strange looks from my friends when I say “I say this on a blog the other day….” Others just give me that look that we reserve when one of our relatives says or does something strange when I try to describe a blog and its function. You know the look I mean – we have all had it from time to time. I don’t care though – no doubt “they” also have things they like to do that others find strange.

And so I shall continue on my rambling way of writing about the bits and peices that happen to me on a daily or weekly basis. I just hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.


3 thoughts on “Blogs, Dogs and Life

  1. Oh, THANK HEAVENS! I was reading your blog and getting really worried that you were either going to quit altogether or change it beyond recognition. How relieved I am to see that you plan to continue as before (despite your best, as I’m sure that’s the REAL Calidore that we get.

    As for wanting to garden like me … I keep wanting to garden like you! I think we’re probably pretty similar in our methods (or lack of); things are a bit of trial and error, haphazard, and a continuing challenge. But if you tell me that you would like a garden that is all neat and tidy, weedfree and finished, I won’t believe you. You would be bored silly, and before you knew it you would be digging up yet another garden bed. So,how is Catherine’s Creek coming along? Oh, sorry, pond or lake, was it?

  2. me too – I thought you were going to say you were closing it ! I am enjoying your ramblings more & more each day…
    I don’t care if you change the name or the look or whatever but please don’t stop !
    as to gardening – we all garden to suit our personalities – that’s what makes it such fun !

    oh and try explaining to those friends just what a blog is exactly & then tell about your blogging friends – they will make a hasty retreat, believe me

  3. Had me going there, for a second. I’m glad you enjoying rambling on, because I enjoy reading it…looking forward to reading more of your going ons, when you feel like sharing 🙂

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